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ATLAS Martini

The ATLAS martini from ATLAS Singapore, which has featured on the 50 Best Bars list since opening in 2017




Waterford Martini




2 Dashes Scrappy’s Orange Bitters

5 Dashes Champagne Vinegar

15ml Mancino Bianco Amberatto

60ml Ford’s Gin


Lemon Oils & Twist


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and stir with ice.

Strain into a chilled martini glass – the ATLAS team use Waterford.

Twist a lemon peel over the top to release oils and garnish with the lemon twist.


Head bartender Jesse Vida pours a martini into a glass at ATLAS Singapore
The ATLAS Martini from ATLAS Singapore


About The Drink - Jesse Vida, Head Bartender

“While the classic dry martini is a strong bracing cocktail not to everyone’s taste, we decided to create a ‘wet’, ‘approachable’ martini in which everyone could imbibe comfortably, and that represented the style, art, and drinking customs of ATLAS and the era it draws inspiration.”


“The champagne vinegar complements the floral vermouth and is bound by the orange bitters.”



The gin tower at ATLAS bar Singapore


This martini recipe comes from ATLAS in Singapore.


“ATLAS, a grand lobby and bar, is a celebration of the grand Art Deco lobbies of Europe and the era’s rich culinary and beverage traditions,” says head bartender Jesse Vida.


Situated on the ground floor of Singapore’s iconic Parkview Square building, the decor inspired by the glamourous Art Deco skyscrapers of Europe and New York never fails to impress.


“ATLAS offers a carefully curated drinking and dining experience all-day and deep into the night,” says Vida, a Californian-born bartender who has been at the venue since 2018.


“Oh yeah and gin, lots of gin and cocktails.”


Lots of gin is perhaps an understatement. Central to the ATLAS experience is their vaulted bar with a 1,300-brand-strong gin tower.


Opening in 2017, ATLAS was one of few bars to make it onto the illustrious 50 Best Bars list in the year of opening, claiming spot no. 15.


The bar then sat in 8th place in 2018 and 2019, before leaping to 4th position in 2020. Though ATLAS dropped to no. 16 in 2021, this well-loved venue is still very much one to watch.


ATLAS offers multiple options for discerning drinkers and foodies – make sure to book ahead if you are planning to sample their afternoon tea.


Gin lovers can join the Juniper Society, a membership community with monthly tastings and events.


As well as gin, ATLAS boasts a veritable collection of wines, champagne, and whiskies. The bar team use these ingredients in their current bar menu La Grande Nation, inspired by artists from the art deco period.

Q & A with Jesse Vida, Head Bartender at ATLAS


ATLAS head bartender Jesse Vida

What goes into a good cocktail?

I feel what goes into a good cocktail are thoughtfully paired ingredients, high quality spirits, well trained execution, and a bit of love. =)


What is your favourite thing about working in the bar industry?

My favourite thing about working in the bar industry has always been and will always be the people.  Colleagues and industry peers, as well as the guests we serve.


How did your bar have to adapt to COVID-19?

Our bar has had to adopt in so many ways to survive all of the Covid rules and restrictions, honestly the list is too long but I’m proud of the team for their ability to be flexible during these challenging times.


Apart from your bar, where you do like to drink and socialise?

Those of us lucky enough to live and work in Singapore are not short on options when it comes to world class drinking establishments.


Some current favourites are sago house, junior the pocket bar, Gibson, low tide, tippling club, 28 hong kong street… there’s many more!


Any advice for those looking to replicate your success in the bar industry?

Be kind, stay humble, treat others with respect, stay passionately curious, and don’t burn bridges.


Find out more about ATLAS on their website and @atlasbarsg

Follow Jesse on Instagram @jessejvida


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