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Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo Lounge, a tropical rum highball from Baba Au Rum in Athens, Greece, which bridges West Indies with southern Asia.








45ml Fat-washed Aged Light Rum

Top Pandan Soda


Lemon Oils & Twist


With only two ingredients Baba Au Rum’s Bamboo Lounge is a simple sounding drink.


However, the care and time dedicated to these ingredients is what sets the drink apart, and cements Baba Au Rum’s status as one of the world’s leading bars.


Taking an Aged Light Rum, Clairin Le Rocher (a complex, traditional Haitian rhum), and Coconut Oil, they create a fat-washed rum blend.


The coconut oil is cooked at 52 degrees before being cooled in the fridge and strained.


A delicious Pandan Soda is created using Pandan Cream, Banana Essence, Salt, Citric Acid, and Baking Soda.

The Baba Au Rum recipe is a closely guarded secret. We’ve created our take on this recipe which you can make at home:


Melt down 400g of coconut oil. Mix into 1500ml Aged light Rum. Add in 190ml of Clairin Le Rocher.


Let the mix cool and then chill in the freezer overnight to separate the fat. You’ll be left with a delicious coconut-flavoured rum blend.


For an easy Pandan syrup, heat 1000ml water in a pan and once boiling drop in 20 Pandan leaves (pre-cut). Add in 200g of sugar and dissolve. Let the mix cool then strain to remove the leaves.


To make the cocktail, pour 45ml rum blend into a hi-ball glass filled with cubed ice.


Add 25ml Pandan syrup, then top with soda water and garnish with a pandan or bamboo leaf.

About The Drink


The Bamboo Lounge is a creation from leading Greek bar Baba Au Rum in Athens.


The cocktail has notes of nuts, ripe banana, lychee and pandan.


It’s the pandan plant which lends the drink its striking green hue.

About Baba Au Rum


Baba Au Rum in Athens, Greece


Baba Au Rum is a leading rum & cocktail bar in Athens.


Founded in 2009, the venue has changed the way that Athenians drink, says owner Thanos Prunarus.


“Each day, we present magical journeys to unique landscapes and cultures through a series of subversive cocktail recipes but also of the great classic cocktails,” he explains.


Since opening, Baba Au Rum has been listed on the prestigious 50 Best Bars list for ten consecutive years. In 2021, they were awarded 14th place on the list of the best bars in the world.


Prunarus is a member of the International Rum Experts, and a member of rum jury at German Rum Festival and the Miami Rum Festival for the Rum Awards.


He is the author of the bar book “Handcrafted” and publisher of the international cocktail and travel magazine “Fine Drinking”.


Regularly rated as one of the world’s most influential bartenders, he regularly features on the Bar World 100 Industry’s Most Influential Figures (2019, 2020, 2021).


As organiser of the Athens Rum and Whisky Festival, he is credited by many as launching the “rum revolution” in Greece.


Baba Au Rum is very much a “Rum and Cocktail Society” with cocktail menus celebrating the spirit. Their Avante Garde cocktail list is inspired by the art movement of the same name.


“Great historical movements, cocktail cultures, emotions and ideas that inspire, experimentation and imagination, tastes elegantly bound to the past but always stretched toward the future,” says Prunarus, when we ask him to describe the culture at the bar.


“After all Baba Au Rum is a local’s favourite always.”


Amen to that.


Baba Au Rum

Kleitiou 6 TK 10560

Athens City Center


In Love Again

Baba Au Rum recently introduced his little brother, a contemporary boutique pastry & specialty coffee shop just off the bar, named “In Love Again”.


In Love Again is inspired by the modernistic aesthetic and architecture of the mid 20th century but also from the Japanese minimalistic culture. Designed by Costas Theoharis with the assistance of Baba Au Rum founder Thanos Prunarus.


Kleitiou 6 TK 10560

Athens City Center

Instagram: inloveagain_athens


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