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The Best Drinks Photographers for Drinks Brands

February 16, 2022 by Joel Davidge

Planning a new campaign or product launch? Unless you’re a pro photographer as well as running your business, hiring drinks photographers should be part of your game plan.

A picture paints a thousand words, goes the saying. Never was this more true than in the world of the drink brand photography.

It’s no overstatement to say that choosing the right drinks photographers can make or break your campaign. You need the image to be original, attention-grabbing, but also in line with your brand.

At The Cocktail Service, we regularly work on campaigns with best drinks brand photographers in the business. Whether it be a product launch, or capturing some lifestyle imagery for your blog, finding a photographer who can execute your vision is crucial.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best photographers for drinks working right now. A few we’ve been lucky enough to work with, the others we’ve long admired. We’ll be updating the list regularly – so if you have a suggestion make sure to reach out to us.

9 of the Best Drinks Photographers for Drinks Brands

Addie Chin

A cocktail shot by drinks photographer Addie Chin
(c) Addie Chin

Based in East London, Addie has over a decades experience in shooting drinks for leading brands and bars.

Previously a bartender, copywriter, and brand strategist, he can combine these experiences to create stunning visuals which fully fit the brief.

Visually, his work is bold and playful, often incorporating bright block colours, whilst also thoughtful and precisely composed.

We love Addie’s work for its ability to capture a mood – whether it be a low lit and moody bar or a bright and vibrant shot capturing a new product.


Instagram: @addiechinn


Andy Currie

Four cocktails from the Stoli Vodka Signature Serves campaign as part of The Cocktail Service's global drinks strategy, a drinks brand consultancy project

Like all great drinks brand photographers, Andy understands the power of letting the product speak for itself. Take his recent shots for Absolut Vodka – clear, crisp, and simple.

Endlessly creative (check out his recent water shots test with Absolut), Andy also creates brilliant “suspended” shots with bottles seemingly hanging in mid-air.

We previously collaborated with Andy on the Stoli signature serves campaign and it’s always a dream to work with him.


Instagram: @andycurriestudio


Rob Lawson

Seedlip alcohol free spirits shot by drinks brand photographer Rob Lawson
(c) Rob Lawson

The master of the lifestyle shot. Rob’s images often look like they’ve been shot candid, but you know a drinks photographer of his calibre will have considered every detail.

Based in London, Rob has worked on campaigns for Campari, Seedlip, and Clean Co, along with countless other brands.

One of the things we love most about this photography is the ability to capture the kinetic energy of drinks creation. Take for example the famous shot of a Strykk alcohol free spirit being poured against a vibrant blue backdrop. Iconic stuff, that campaigns are built on.


Instagram: @roblawsonstudio


Luke Pearson (Pear and Sons)

Drinks brand photography of champagne pouring over a glass sat on lemons. Shot by Luke Pearson
(c) Luke Pearson

Pear and Sons come with over twelve years’ experience working with luxury five-star hotels, bars, Michelin star restaurants, and drinks brands.

Luke’s photography effortlessly captures moments which resonate with the brand identity of the product. Be it the pour of a Seedlip spirit into a glass, a can being hit with a mallet (yes, really) or coconut being cracked over a rum cocktail.

We particularly love their shots for Duppy Share Spiced Rum. Elegant, enticing, and crisp.

Pear and Sons offers a full creative suite of options for clients including video filming and editing. When looking for a collaborator to document our sustainability work with Stoli Vodka, there was only one contender.


Instagram: @pear.and.sons


Jonathan Sharp

A cocktail being hit by a lime wedge. Shot by Jonathan Sharp
(c) Jonathan Sharp

The colours on Jonathan’s photography are just so rich and inviting.

Working with leading bars like St James bar in London, and drinks brands like Tom Savano cocktails, like any good photographer Jonathan is able to draw you into the story he tells with his photos.


Instagram: @jonathansharpphotography


Oxford Atelier

Oxford Atelier shot from The Cocktail Society

A special shout out to our friends at Oxford Atelier who create the stunning imagery for our bottled cocktail brand The Cocktail Society.



Matthew Lloyd

Slane Whiskey shot by Matthew Lloyd drinks photographer
(c) Matthew Lloyd

Looking at the low-lit images shot for Slane Irish whiskey, compared to the vivid shots taken for Heineken is like looking at the work of two photographers.

However, they are both the work of Matthew Lloyd, based in Harrogate.

After starting out as a photojournalist, he now works on celebrity and business portraits when not working with leading drinks brands such as Pernod Ricard and Johnnie Walker.

A winner of numerous photography awards, Matthew brings his experience from other photography disciplines into his work photographing drinks brands.


Instagram: @mlloydphoto


Warren Ryley

A shot of two cocktails by Warren Ryley
(c) Warren Ryley

How do you sum up 30 years creating some of the best photography for drinks brands around?

“Still shooting splashes” from Warren Ryley’s website does quite a good job.

To look at Warren’s portfolio is to experience a whole array of styles and colours.

From a dark and smoky shot for Johnnie Walker Double Black, illuminated with a single ray of sunlight, to a bright and breezy shot for Funkin ready to drink cocktails, it’s all here.

We were going to pick a favourite, and eventually gave up. We could (and have) look at these all day.


Instagram: @warrenryley


Jordan Hughes (High-Proof Preacher)

A cocktail photography shot by Jordan Hughes High Proof Preacher
(c) Jordan Hughes

We’ve mostly picked from UK photographers for this list, but we had to make one exception.

In 2017, Jordan Hughes, a creative based in Portland, Oregon started an Instagram account and blog named High Proof Preacher.

The rest, as they say, was history.

Jordan now has over fifty thousand fans on Instagram who love his unique and stunning drinks photography.

He has worked with brands including Grey Goose and Patron, as well as leading bars across the USA and beyond.

A specialist in cocktail photography, Jordan perfectly captures the oils from citrus spraying over a cocktail, or ripples caused by a spirit dropping into a drink. As with every drinks brand photographer on this list, it’s that understanding of theatre which marks them out.

We also rate Jordan highly for his informative tutorials, passing on his craft to a new generation of drink photographers. He also runs an in-depth online course, Cocktail Camera.


Instagram: @highproofpreacher

YouTube: Jordan Hughes


What Should I Ask A Drinks Photographer?

As professionals, the photographers on this list will have an instinctive feel for how best to shoot your product or brand.

Having said that, it’s an absolute must to have a mood board, and brand guidelines when approaching a shoot. We’re planning an in-depth guide to running a drinks brand photoshoot, so make sure to subscribe and we’ll let you know when it’s live.

Here are a few key questions you’ll want to ask before booking your drinks photographer.

Is a shot list required?

A shot list is simply a list of all of the photos you would like to take.

How long will the shoot be?

Once you’ve provided your shot list, ask your photographer how much time is required. You might be surprised!

Lights, backdrops, and props all take time to set up. If the estimate comes back as too much, you’ll be able to choose to either add on more time, or scale down the number of shots you want to capture.

What happens if your drinks photographer can’t make it?

This is a key consideration. You’ll have selected your professional based on their portfolio and other factors. If they can’t make it for whatever reason, what is the process of booking a replacement session.

Often you’ll be under tight deadlines to get imagery back for a campaign, so discussing the options here is a good move.

Do you offer retouching?

At this level, it’s almost a given, but worth asking.

You can also ask if you are able to receive the raw, unedited photos, which you can store away for future editing and use. Some photographers are rightly wary about this – after all, if they took the photo, they’ll likely want to be the one to edit it. However, it’s worth starting the conversation and see what options are on the table. You’ll usually be able to negotiate a fee for future edits.


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