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Drinks Calendar 2022: International Spirits and Cocktail Days

February 8, 2022 by Joel Davidge

We’ve compiled the comprehensive list of key industry events, commemorative days, and national holidays to create our drinks calendar 2022.

A list of key dates throughout the year is gold dust for drinks brands and event professionals looking to connect with customers.

Join cocktail lovers, professional mixologists, and bar teams in celebrating on these drink themed holidays.

Key Dates for Drinks Brands and Event Planners: Drink Calendar 2022

A drinks calendar showing interntional spirits and cocktail days for 2022

January 2022 Key Dates

1st January – New Year’s Day, National Bloody Mary Day

1st to 31st January – Veganuary, Dry January and Damp January, or Ginuary

3rd January – Drinking Straw Day

This unique drink industry day celebrate innovations to remove or reduce plastic straws. We’ve celebrated this year each since removing single use plastic from our operations.

11th January – National Hot Toddy Day

25th January – Burn’s Night

31st January – Brandy Alexander Day and National Hot Chocolate Day

February 2022 Key Dates

1st February – Chinese New Year

7th February – International Pisco Sour Day

8th February – International Scotch Day

13th February – Galentine’s Day

14th February – Valentine’s Day

18th February – 22nd February – London Fashion Week

22nd February – National Margarita Day

24th February – World Bartender Day

28 February to 6 March – Fairtrade Fortnight

24th February – World Bartender Day

27th February – National Kahlua Day

March 2022 Key Dates

1 March – St David’s Day (Patron Saint of Wales), Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)

1st March – Pancake Day Shrove Tuesday

3rd March – National Moscow Mule Day, and Mulled Wine Day

5th March – National Absinthe Day, St Piran’s Day Patron Saint of Cornwall

8th March – International Women’s Day

14th March – Espresso Martini Day

17th March – St Patrick’s Day (Patron Saint of Ireland)

21st March – Vermouth Day

27th March – Mother’s Day UK and International Whisky Day

31st March – 3rd April – The London Coffee Festival

April 2022 Key Dates

1st April – April Fool’s Day

6th April – New Beer’s Eve

7 April – National Beer Day, World Health Day

9th April – International Gin & Tonic Day

15th April – Good Friday – UK Bank Holiday

17th April – Easter Sunday

18th April – Easter Monday

17th April – International Malbec Day

19th April – National Amaretto Day

21st April – National Tea Day UK

23rd April – St George’s Day (Patron Saint of England)

May 2022 Key Dates

2nd May – Early May Bank Holiday UK

5th May – Cinco de Mayo Mexican

7th May – Cosmopolitan Day

13th May – World Cocktail Day

14th May – World Fairtrade Day

16th to 22nd May – American Craft Beer Week

21st May World Whisky Day, International Tea Day, Irish Whiskey Day

23rd to 30th May – English Wine Week

25th May – National Wine Day

30th May – National Mint Julep Day

30th May to 5th June – National BBQ Week UK

June 2022 Key Dates

2nd June – Spring bank holiday UK and Moonshine Day

3rd June – Platinum Jubilee bank holiday

4th June – National Cognac Day

11th June – World Gin Day

14th June – National Bourbon Day

15th June – Beer Day Britain

19th June – National Martini Day

19th June – Father’s Day UK

27th June to 10th July – Wimbledon

30th June – National Mai Tai Day

July 2022 Key Dates

4th July – Independence Day USA

7th July – World Chocolate Day

9th July – World Rum Day

10th July – National Pina Colada Day

11th July – Mojito Day

14th July – Bastille Day France

19th July – National Daiquiri Day

24th July – National Tequila Day

27th July – National Scotch Day

August 2022 Key Dates

5th August – International Beer Day

8th to 14th August – Afternoon Tea Week UK

9th August – World Baijiu Day

13th August – National Prosecco Day UK

16th August – National Rum Day

19th August – National Potato Day – we’re including this one purely for the connection to vodka!

25th August – Whiskey Sour Day

29th August – Summer bank holiday UK, and National Lemon Juice Day. A staple in so many cocktails, this unique drinks holiday is one to celebrate.

September 2022 Key Dates

1st to 30th September – Bourbon Heritage Month, and Honey Month in the US

3rd September – International Bacon Day UK

5th to 20th September – Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight

10th September – International Canned Cocktail Day

12th to 18th September – Negroni Week

13th September – National Cachaça Day

15th September – National Crème de Menthe Day

19th September – Oktoberfest

19th September to 4th October – British Food Fortnight

20th September – National Rum Punch Day

22nd September – White Chocolate Day

October 2022 Key Dates

London Cocktail Week – TBC – Read our review of the best of London Cocktail Week 2021

1st October – International Scottish Gin Day, International Coffee Day, World Sake Day

4th October – National Vodka Day

16th October – World Food Day

19th October – International Gin & Tonic Day

21st October – Global Champagne Day

21st October – Apple Day UK and National Mezcal Day

22nd October – National Nut Day UK

24th October – Diwali

26th October – Pumpkin Day

27th October – American Beer Day

31st October – Halloween

How we did it: a Halloween activation in Covent Garden for Bloody Drinks

November 2022 Key Dates

1st November – World Vegan Day

1st to 30th November – World Vegan Month

2nd November – Day of The Dead Mexico

3rd November – International Stout Day

5th November – Bonfire Night UK

8th November – Harvey Wallbanger Day

18th November – International Poitin Day

22nd November – Stir-Up Sunday Christmas Puddings

24th November – Thanksgiving USA

25th November – Black Friday 2022

30th November – St Andrew’s Day Patron Saint of Scotland and Cyber Monday

December 2022 Key Dates

10th December – National Lager Day

14th December – National Screwdriver Day

20th December – National Sangria Day

24th December – National Eggnog Day

25th December – Christmas Day (UK bank holiday)

26th December – Boxing day (UK bank holiday)

27th December – Christmas Day (substitute day)

31st December – New Year’s Eve AKA National Champagne Day

What are drink holidays?

A bartender pours drinks, an image for The Cocktail Service drinks calendar 2022

Drink holidays or liquor days are commemorative days which celebrate a specific drink or ingredient. For example, Espresso Martini Day is celebrated on 14th March, whereas National Vodka Day is on 4th October.

That doesn’t mean that’s the only day on the drinks calendar 2022 where you can celebrate the drink.

For example, because vodka is a key ingredient in the Espresso Martini recipe many will choose to celebrate Vodka day with this cocktail.

The same goes for International Coffee Day on 1st October. After all, you can’t make an Espresso Martini without the espresso!

In recent years, many home bartenders and professional mixologists will use social media to share their cocktail creations on these key cocktail holidays.

Why are some days called “International Days” and others “National Days”?

Many of the key dates for drink brands listed above originated in the USA.

To keep things simple on this list, we’ve marked there the day is specific to the UK. For all the other National Days, you can assume that they originated in the United States, but are commonly celebrated over in the UK.

Where multiple countries celebrate the same event on the same day, these are labelled as International Days. Some of these have been in existence for centuries, like April Fool’s Day.

How can drink brands use National Holidays?

Drink brands often use national holidays to increase public awareness of their product or service.

Savvy drinks brands like Campari have even created their own holiday: Negroni Week.

If you’re planning your marketing activity for the year, it’s well worth taking a note of the days above which relate to your product, and planning campaigns around them.

However, remember that competition for attention will be high for these dates – so you’ll need to get creative to grab the focus of potential consumers.

For example: an activation with a double decker bus in the middle of Covent Garden to celebrate Halloween and London Cocktail Week.

Drink Calendar 2022

We’re constantly adding and expanding this list to build the comprehensive guide to every drink holiday.

Think we missed one? Get in touch and let us know!

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