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Hoja Santa

Hailing from one of Mexico City’s greatest bars, Licorería Limantour, the Hoja Santa heroes the aromatic culinary herb of the same name.




Mini Martini




25 ml Raicilla Bajam Costa
15 ml Tio Pepe macerated with cilantro
15 ml St. Germain macerated with celery
2.25 ml Simple Syrup (1.5:1)
10 ml Hoja Santa infusion (fennel, pink pepper, purpple cabbage, citric acid)


Lemon Twist


Build the ingredients and store in a small jar.

Pre-chilled using crushed ice and serve along with a lemon slice for garnish.

About The Drink - head bartender Eduardo Nava

Chilling a bottle of Coctel Hoja from Licorería Limantour in crushed ice
Hoja Santa

“The inspiration for this cocktail was Mexican ingredients that have been a part of tradition for a long time.


“In this case, hoja santa is used in most Mexican recipes and provides a lot of flavour and aroma. It reminds us of the recipes from our moms and grandmothers.”

About Licorería Limantour


Opening in 2011, Licorería Limantour has quickly become regarded as one of Mexico City’s best bars.


Led by bar legends Benjamin Padrón and bar manager José Luis León, the bar is most known for it’s famous Margarita al Pastor.


Licorería Limantour exterior in Mexico


Combining serious mixology with a commitment to fun, creates a menu with vibrant colours and local ingredients.


In 2021, Licorería Limantour won The Best Bar in North America (sponsored by Naked Malt) at the 50 Best Bars awards.


Since opening, the Mexican venue has risen up the 50 Best Bars list, placed no. 6 in 2021.

Q & A with head bartender Eduardo Nava


Tell us a little about the bar?

Limantour was opened 11 years ago on April 2011. It started with the idea of making people in Mexico City to start liking cocktails again.


Before Limantour there were only a couple of cocktails bar that were very old school and cocktails were very expensive.


We had the idea of cresting interesting cocktails that people would enjoy and a bar where people would feel comfortable and have a very good time.


The name is a satire of an ex State Revenue Secretary of Mexico that imposed a tax on alcohol products whose name was Jose Ives Limantour.


What goes into a good cocktail?

Having a clear idea what of what the cocktail is going to be for, it can be a bar, a competition, or the type of bar.


It is important to choose ingredients that make a good match and having that match you can create a well-balanced cocktail.



What is your favourite thing about working in the bar industry?

My favourite thing is getting to know all the amazing people that visit our bar. Either customers or industry people and being able to share our experience with them. Getting the opportunity to travel around the world to share this same experience with people.


How did your bar have to adapt to COVID-19?

We started selling cocktails via delivery and our success I think was the idea of preparing this ready to drink cocktails in a presentation that served 4 drinks so people could share them with friends.


We also had to implement all the new protocols for service and preparation which represented a big challenge but made us able to reopen our doors for customers.


Apart from your bar, where you do like to drink and socialise?

I really enjoy going to Baltra Bar which is a small and cozy place where you can have amazing drinks and enjoy a relaxed environment.


I also love going to a club called Café Paraiso where you can have some drinks and dance.


Any advice for those looking to replicate your success in the bar industry?

To get really involved in all the areas of the bar. I think it is important to be really passionate about the job to be able to become a successful bartender.


It is very important to remember that in this industry we will never stop learning so you need to keep looking for new techniques, new trends and new flavours.


Find out more about Licorería Limantour on their website and @limantourmx


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