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How To Make Gomme

April 19, 2020 by Jonathan Paxley

How To Make Gomme?

First things first…what is gomme? Well gomme is a drink sweetening syrup that is used in cocktails and drinks. Also known as gum syrup or simple syrup it is an essential cocktail ingredient and is vital in helping create vital balance in cocktail recipes.

Now although it is simple to make, it is vitally important that gomme is made correctly.

We have come across many excellent bartenders over the years who have excellent mixology abilities but do not pay attention to the basics, such as making good quality gomme. So bad.

The upshot of this is it affects the drink quality….which we don’t like here. Not a bit.

Why Do I Use Gomme?

So gomme is a very easy ingredient to use. As it’s a syrup, it blends seamlessly with other liquids.

The importance of this is vital.

As many will know, just adding granulated sugar to the party will do you no favours. It will not dissolve and its whole purpose negated…leaving you a sweet mess at the bottom of your glass.

Types of Gomme

We talk a lot about gomme on our site here and it’s contained in many of our recipes.

We tend to use two types of gomme. The most common is white sugar gomme (which we just label “Gomme” in our recipes) and Demerara Gomme (using…you guessed it brown, demerara sugar)

The two types cover off most bases.

White sugar gomme has a neutral flavour and is used where sweetness is required but you don’t want to alter the flavour profile.

Demerara gomme has a different flavour altogether, offering a richer, caramel flavour. This is down to the presence of molasses.

Now there are many other sweeteners and sugar types including muscovado, honey, agave and maple syrup that you can use, each offering its own unique flavour.

As we always say, mixology is like cooking and it is important to match flavours and textures carefully.

How To Make Gomme?

Making gomme is very easy.

Here in the UK we make a thicker gomme than in other parts of the world.

Don’t ask us why.

We focus on a 2:1 ratio. This means we blend 2 parts water to 1 part sugar.

So, for example, we would mix 200g of water to 100g sugar to achieve the correct ratio.

Now you will notice that we used grams rather than millilitres for the measurements.

This is important.

This allows the blend to be 100% accurate.

The issue some bartenders face is they try and measure via millilitres for both sugar and water and find that with some unrefined sugars they can’t get the measurement spot on.

Measuring via grams is easy for water…simple pop a cup on a scale.

Next step – heat the mixture. This is done with a saucepan. Place all the measured ingredients in the pan and warm over a moderate heat. Ensure you stir the mixture throughout to ensure its properly dissolved. Once it’s dissolved (do not allow to boil) remove from heat and leave to stand.

Be careful as hot sugar will do you no favours if you spill on your skin.

Storage of Gomme

Once cooled down, use a jug to decant the gomme into a bottle. Any type of bottle is fine, either a crew cap or flip top. At this point, you can store your gomme in the fridge.

It should last three to four weeks refrigerated.

When you want to use it simply pop a speed pourer in the top of the bottle or use a jigger or measuring tool.


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