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Negroni Week 2021: Imbibe and Campari team up for charity

September 9, 2021 by Joel Davidge

What is Negroni Week 2021?

Between 13-19 September bartenders across the world will celebrate the Negroni Cocktail as part of Negroni Week 2021.

Created by iconic Italian brand Campari and industry mainstay Imbibe Magazine, Negroni Week aims to raise funds for charitable causes.

As the tagline on the Negroni Week website reads:

7 Days. 3 Ingredients. 1 Simple Way to Give Back.

Campari Logo in Red

Participating bars donate to a list of charities when they sign up as a venue on the official Negroni Week 2021 website. Throughout the week they put on the classic Negroni cocktail as well as creative twists on the cocktail.

Negroni Week by The Numbers

Years Running: 9

Participating Venues: 12,000

Money Raised: Over $3 million

7 Awesome Negroni Week 2021 Cocktails

Bartender Erik Lorincz holding a Campari cocktail
UK Bartender Erik Lorincz. Source: @eriklorincz

Campari is teaming up with 7 of the world’s best bartenders to create twists on the Negroni Cocktail.

On each day of Negroni Week 2021 Erik Lorincz (UK), Fabio La Pietra (Brazil), Giacomo Giannotti (Spain), Luke Whearty (Australia), Bannie Kang (Taiwan), Tiffanie Barriere (U.S) and Tommaso Cecca (Italy) will all create innovative twists on the Negroni Cocktail.

Campari Senior Director Marco Cavagnera said: “We’re thrilled to be back full swing for Negroni Week this year, giving bartenders a chance to showcase their Red Passion in one of the world’s most iconic cocktails, providing Campari and Negroni lovers around the world with unique experiences, all for a worthy cause. Together with Imbibe, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating, toasting to charity with a Negroni in hand.”

Karen Foley, Publisher of Imbibe, said: “We’re so excited to be celebrating the 9th year of Negroni Week with our trusted partners at Campari. From bartenders to enthusiasts, we’re thrilled to see everyone join forces once again to raise money for important causes in the places they love the most-bars and restaurants.”

The Cocktail Service will be featuring the best of the best – see below for details.


Need inspiration for your next Negroni twist?

Campari UK has teamed up with 11 top UK bartenders to present Negroniology – a free downloadable ebook with recipe ideas.

Including recipes from Alex Mills at Lab 22 and Giulia Cuccurullo at The Artesian this must-read is “built by bartenders, for bartenders”.

How to Make a Negroni Cocktail



25ml Gin

25ml Sweet Vermouth

25ml Campari

How to Make a Negroni Cocktail

Add all ingredients to a rocks or an old fashioned cocktail glass.

Add ice and stir 3 or 4 times. Garnish with an orange zest.

You can find out more about the history of the Negroni Cocktail over at The Cocktail Society.

Did You Know?

Campari is the first drink brand to be listed as an ingredient in the IBA (International Bartender Association) Official Drink List.

A Brief History of Campari

1860 – Drink manufacturer Gaspare Campari experiments and creates the Campari recipe, still kept secret in the present day.

A few years later in 1867, Campari opened the Camparino bar, which still serves Campari recipes today.

Towards the turn of the century the Campari brand continued to grow.

In the 1920s the classic cocktails Negroni and Americano are invented, boosting Campari’s popularity

Between the 1940s and 1960s Campari establishes itself as a well-known brand, collaborating with famous artists on iconic marketing campaigns.

With the rise of Italian aperitif Happy Hour culture in the 1980s Campari was a must have item at drinks parties and social occasions.

Today, Campari is distributed in 190 countries in the world and is an industry leading brand.

How to get involved:

Become a Participating Venue

To be added to the official list of participating bars you have until 19:00 on Friday 10th September (11:00 a.m. PST) to register:

Make a Donation

To make a donation to one of the official charity partners, you can view the list here.

Support a Local Venue

If you’re looking to support a local bar participating in Negroni Week 2021 you can view the list of officially participating bars here.

Share Your Own Negroni Creation

The Cocktail Service will be highlighting the best recipes and creations for Negroni Week 2021 over on our social channels, so check us out on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Follow our hashtag #ExtraordinaryDrinking and of course, the Negroni Week 2021 tags:

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Staying at home?

Don’t worry – our sister company The Cocktail Society does a fabulous Sloe Gin Negroni Bottled Cocktail and a Negroni Ultimate Cocktail Kit.


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