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In Search of Delicious

A version of the “In Search of Delicious” recipe, made by the team at Hanky Panky, Mexico City.








45ml Cynar

20ml Punt e mes

15ml lemon juice

5 dashes orange bitters


Volcanic Salt


Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass and strain into chilled martini glass.

About The Drink

This is a twist on the famous “Search for Delicious” recipe by Kirk Estopinal.


That recipe in turn is based on a classic cocktail called the Bitter Giuseppe, created by Stephen Cole from the famed The Violet Hour bar in Chicago.


The Hanky Panky team built further on Estopinal’s version, adding volcanic salt as garnish, which gives the original cocktail umami flavour.


“We wanted to have a cocktail that had umami flavour and was well rounded and that’s how this came to life,” recounts founder Walter Meyenberg.

About Hanky Panky

Mexico City’s finest speakeasy harks leans into the tropes of prohibition and the lost age of bartending: the address is only revealed when you make a reservation!


The drinks menu combines classic recipes and original creations based on vintage cocktails.


The name of the bar is inspired by the cocktail of the same name created by bar legend Ada Coleman at London’s Savoy Hotel.


Head bartenders Gina Barbachano and Ismael Martínez lead and international team and their current bar menu passport is based on their travels to other leading bars in 2021.


Hanky Panky has won numerous awards since opening, the latest being a high placement at no. 12 on the 50 Best Bars list 2021.


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Q & A with Hanky Panky founder Walter Meyenberg

Tell us a little about your bar?

Hanky Panky is the first speakeasy bar in Mexico. The concept was born 7 years ago, with the idea of opening a bar for members only.


We wanted to have guests that were regulars and basically friends, we would have never thought we could be this lucky to be on the 50 best bars list!


The “fomo” of getting in was what made us change it to an open public speakeasy with registration to access.


The whole concept was inspired by Ada Colleman, and her famous Hanky Panky. The design and interiors are a homage to her.


What goes into a good cocktail?

For us the main things are simplicity, fresh ingredients and passion.


What is your favourite thing about working in the bar industry?

Definitely the feeling of making people happy, meeting new people every day and obviously this incredible international family you end up being part of. It’s not only drinks!


How did your bar have to adapt to COVID-19?

We decided to offer cocktails to go to our guests and to everyone that would want to keep drinking great cocktails during lockdown and also we opened a terrace.


We then decided to go wider and we started the guest shift series, welcoming all bars around the world that couldn’t work or travel because of their local restrictions, but that took time to come here and enjoy the time together and the drinks creation.


After a long time of not being able to get behind the stick, it was important to get creative again.


Apart from your bar, where you do like to drink and socialise?

Wherever I can find good food and great wines.


Any advice for those looking to replicate your success in the bar industry?

Be real, humble and passionate. Make friends and work hard!


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