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Lavender Meringue Pie

A mix of Limoncello, gin, and marshmallows from Quinary, Hong Kong – voted one of the world’s best bars.








Limoncello (45ml)
Lavender gin (20ml)
Lemon juice (30ml)
Egg white (10ml)
Sugar syrup (10ml)

For the Marshmallow foam:
Marshmallow cream (500g)
Vanilla syrup (80g)
Egg white (150g)


Lavender sugar & dried lemon wheel


Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake well then strain into a tall coupe.

Top the drink with marshmallow foam and slightly blowtorch the surface for a golden brown finish

Apply garnish


To make the Marshmallow foam:

Slow-cook one pack of marshmallows into one pack of heavy cream with vanilla syrup & egg white added.

About The Drink

The Lavender Meringue Pie is a creation from Quinary Hong Kong.


Taking a lead from the inventive approach to food pioneered by the likes of Ferran Adria at his El Bulli restaurant, Quinary brings to cocktails the same food-science approach that understands why certain aromas, flavours and textures work together.


Using inventive culinary approaches to mixology, Quinary seeks to engage all five senses – of what we call Multisensory Mixology.


With internationally acclaimed mixologist Antonio Lai, also Diageo World Class 2015 Hong Kong & Macau Champion at the helm, Quinary has consistently been voted as one of the World’s 50 Best Bars (2013-2017, 2021).

Spotted across the high-volume bar is its signature Earl Grey Caviar Martini, each having a flamboyant coiffe of earl grey “air” that tops each the martini, filled with bursting “caviars” of the tea.


At Quinary, flavour and aroma combinations come together to form different textures, appearances, or even sounds that will challenge every preconception held about cocktails. This is where classics take on a new twist, where new drinks may become tomorrow’s modernised classics.


Other noteworthy multisensory cocktails include the Lavender Meringue Pie, Marshmallow Duo, and Quinary Sour, all prepared at Antonio’s “lab” that showcases the rotary evaporator, centrifuge, freeze-dehydrator, sous-vide, caviar box and more.

About Quinary

We chatted to Antonio Lai, Executive Mixologist & Co-owner of Quinary about running one of the world’s best bars.


What is your favourite thing about working in the bar industry?

It has to be being able to meet people with diverse backgrounds. Working behind the bar allows you to socialize with people from around the world, you’d never know who you’re going to meet next, it could be a world-famous celebrity, or even your new best friend, who knows!


It’s always fascinating to hear about people sharing their life stories and to learn about their cultures.


How did your bar have to adapt to COVID-19?

It has been one of the most difficult periods for the bar industry, but we take this as an opportunity to dive deep into the pool of boundless imaginations & ideas.


We hoping to welcome guests with more “wowing” multisensory cocktails when things are back to normal.

Any advice for those looking to replicate your success in the bar industry?

“Never stop exploring”.  It is also the motto that has been pushing me to think outside of the box since day one.


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