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Merchant Martini

The Merchant Martini recipe from Stockholm’s Tjoget, voted one of the best bars in the world.








30 ml OP Klar (or any other citrus driven Akvavit such as Åhus for example)

20 ml Fords Officers Reserve

10 ml Dolin Dry

10 ml Manzanilla

1 dash Salt

2 dashes Orange Bitters




Stir, strain in to small coupette glass.

Garnish with one olive on a pick.

Lemon zest, discard.

About The Drink - Leo Lahti, Bar Manager

“We wanted to create a very flavorful and potent Martini variation to appeal to seasoned Martini drinkers, so we decided to do a ‘double split based’ type of drink.


First we split the spirit component in to two, one citrus driven and light Akvavit and one heavy nay strenght gin.


Then we split the modifier in to two aswell, so both Manzanilla Sherry and dry vermouth to add more depth and complexity.”

About Tjoget

Tjoget bar in Stockholm

The Merchant Martini is a creation from Tjoget in Stockholm.

Located in the heart of the former working class area of Hornstull, Tjoget’s concept is rooted in southern Europe and the Middle East.

Offering both rural and urban sophistication combined, the bar from Andreas Bergman and Joel Söderbäck has delighted guests since opening eight years ago.

If you enjoy hipster vibes, with modern craftsmanship, but one which never loses sight of tradition, then Tjoget should be on your list to visit.

Q & A with Tjoget Bar Manager Leo Lahti

Tell us a little about the bar?

Tjoget is a neighborhood bar and restaurant in Hornstull, Stockholm that also happens to be one of the best cocktail bars in the world.


We have been open for almost 10 years and the last six years we have been on The World’s 50 Best Bars list.


The concept is rooted in southern Europe and the Middle East and offers both rural and urban sophistication.


The beer cafe at Tjoget Stockholm


What goes into a good cocktail?

No cocktail can be better than the worst ingredient that goes in to it, so make sure that you only work with quality products, from the spirits and juices to glassware and ice!


What is your favourite thing about working in the bar industry?

The fact that I get to make people a little bit happier every day I go to work.


Outside dining at Tjoget, home of the Merchant Martini recipe


How did your bar have to adapt to COVID-19?

The restrictions weren’t too bad here in Sweden compared to other parts of the world, so business have almost gone on as usual here which feels very fortunate!


Apart from your bar, where you do like to drink and socialise?

In Stockholm I really like Café Nizza, Schmaltz, Sturehof, Astoria and Lucys Flower Shop.


Abroad some of my places are The Clumsies in Athens, Two Schmucks in Barcelona, Bar Swift in London and Normandie Club in LA!


Guests at the bar at Tjoget, where the Merchant Martini cocktail was made


Any advice for those looking to replicate your success in the bar industry?

Be prepared to work harder than everyone else, be kind to people and enjoy being in the greatest industry in the world!


Find out more about Tjoget on their website and @tjoget


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