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A twist on the famous Penicillin recipe, the Milkicilin cocktail from Tres Monos in Buenos Aires is a fiery, and warming whiskey cocktail.







Ingredients - 3 litre batch

Tres Monos creates this unique cocktail in three litre batches:

Orange peel 5 un
Lemon peel 5 un
Green Tea 4 un
Ginger Tea 4 un
Coriander 17 gr
Ginger 500 gr
Ginger powder 15 gr
Sugar 300 gr
Honey 200 ml
Cloves 2 gr
Cardamom powder 1 bsp
Water 700 ml
Scotch Whisky 2000 ml
Lemon juice 700 ml
Whole milk (at 80/85C) 500 ml


Lemon Peel Coin




Put the peels in a 4/5 liter container. Cut the ginger into thin slices and add it together with the Clove, Cardamom, Coriander, Ginger Powder and finally the sugar. Crush with a mortar to form a molasses.


In a measuring jug, add 700ml of boiling water and infuse the Ginger tea and Green tea, let it rest for about 5 minutes, integrate it with the other ingredients.


Finally, add 2L of Scotch whiskey and marinate for 1 hour. After that time, add the lemon juice and the previously boiled milk. In another container, place a pasta strainer with plenty of paper and start filtering the mash.


Repeat the procedure 4 times (at least) with less paper. Once the clarified has a yellowish and transparent hue, it is ready to bottle and label.


For service:


Pour 90ml in a mixing glass, stir and serve in an old fashioned glass over a clear ice cube.


Top with drops of peated whisky (of your choice) and finish with a lemon peel.

About The Drink

The Milkicilin is the creation of Seba Atienza, co-owner of Tres Monos bar in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Located in the trendy Palermo Soho barrio, Tres Monos’ self-described punk attitude has been wowing guests since opening in 2019.


Tres Monos Argentina


In 2021, Tres Monos was placed 33rd on the prestigious 50 Best Bars list.


Co-owners Sebastián Atienza (ex-Florería Atlántico) and Charly Aguinsky impress guests with a selection of rate Argentinian spirits, and world class hospitality.


The bar has just 10 seats inside, but has plenty of space outside. Tres Monos also has a great focus on sustainability, sourcing ingredients locally.



About Tres Monos - Charly Aguinsky

Tres Monos is a neighborhood bar with a punk attitude and neon fetish fused with warm hospitality.


Our main goal is that everyone has a great time every time they visit the bar, regardless if it’s a date, work meeting or just hanging our after work.


What goes into a good cocktail?

Personally, I think good quality spirits are vital. Then look into classics such as Negroni, Old Fashioned, sours and try to add a different, local flavour to make it special.


My favourite thing about the bar industry

It may sound redundant, but I’d say the hospitality. How bartenders around the world take care of each other and make you feel comfortable when you seat at the bar. I love that.


Adapting to 2020

We were the first bar in Buenos Aires to launch ready-to-drink cocktails so people could feel the bar vibe at home. We delivered the cocktails ourselves.


In addition to that, we did online courses from our studio. It’s our bartending school above the bar, which became our main source of income during several months in 2020.


Apart from your bar, where do you like to drink and socialize?

I really love Tres Monos, so I’d choose it over any other bar to hang out! Luckily I really enjoy my bar!


Any small, cozy, fun vibes bar is perfect for me. Some of my favourites bars in the world are Employees Only NYC, Attaboy, Tayer + Elementary, Three Sheets.


Any advice for anyone starting out in the bar industry?

To be consistent with their work day after day, year after year, and try to gain knowledge for the future.


Look into the trends, learn how to cost a menu, talk to people to see what they like to drink. And balance your lifestyle, no one is 23 years old forever!


Learn more about Tres Monos on their website and @3monosbar


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