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Rye and Apple

Apple and whiskey flavours combine in this delicious cocktail from Lucy’s Flower Shop in Stockholm.








50ml Michter’s Rye Whiskey

25ml Lucy’s Flower Shop Malted Apple Mix:

Fresh Granny Smith Apple Juice

Malted Apple Cider Vinegar from our friends at Fruktstereo (Fruit Wine producer in the south of Sweden)

Demarara Sugar

All centrifuged to be clarified


The exact measurements are a closely guarded secret – so that you can experiment with making a variation of  this drink, we’ve added measurements which we think work well. Experiment and try it yourself!


None – just a single ice cube


The drink is premixed and poured over a large ice cube.

About The Drink - Ola Carlson, co-founder

The Apple and Rye is the signature drink creation of Lucy’s Flower Shop in Stockholm.


Located behind an unmarked wooden door in the centre of the city, guests walk down a set of stairs into a hidden basement.


Birger Jarlsgatan 20 in Stockholm, where past an unmarked door you can find Lucy's Flower Shop
Birger Jarlsgatan 20 in Stockholm, where past an unmarked door you can find Lucy’s Flower Shop


The bar opened in 2019, and is ran by two of Stockholm’s most acclaimed, well-travelled and multiple award-winning bartenders Ola Carlson and Alex Skarlén.


It’s an intimate space, with only 38 seats. A strictly minimalistic concept that flows right down to the drinks menu.


After 35 years combined experience in the bar industry, Ola and Alex created a bar inspired by their travels.


The space is bright and colourful, with the energy of a nightclub, but with the cocktail program of the most refined drinking establishments.


The Apple and Rye is one of ten signature serves described on a simple embossed paper menu. All of the names of the drinks are derived from the taste intersections of where the flavor profiles meet.


Both Alex and Ola love classic cocktails both traditional and contemporary. However, with their menu, they wanted to challenge themselves.


The Rye and Apple, was created after trying a local malted rye apple vinegar.


“The inspiration came from the malted apple cider vinegar that we source from Fruktstereo,” says Ola.


“It’s a left over from their co-lab where they made a beer brewery where they got a dark roasted rye heavy beer mixed with apple & pears to make a beer/cider.”


After tasting, Alex and Ola instantly agreed it would blend perfectly with with rye whisky would be a match made in heaven.


They mixed the vinegar with fresh apple juice, which was balanced with Demerara sugar. The duo then centrifuged it together and added rye whisky and water.


“Rye was already there, apple as well, so we kinda just built it all together from there,” Ola recalls.


After a month the bar received a 5* rating from Difford’s Guide, and in 2021 Lucy’s Flower Shop was placed 35th on the 50 Best Bars list.


Find out more about Lucy’s Flower Shop on their website and @lucysstockholm


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