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Titan of The Sun

A radiant, effervescent cocktail from Galaxy Bar Dubai, one of the most beautiful bars in the world.








Metaxa 12 Stars

Verjuice Cordial

Torres Moscato Soda


Vine Leaf


In a hi-ball glass, add cubed ice then pour in the Metaxa 12 Stars.

Add the Verjuice Cordial, then top with soda.

Garnish with dehydrated vine leaf.

About The Drink

“The radiant crown of our solar system, center of our universe,” reads the tasting notes from Galaxy Bar in Dubai.


“The sun has burst the sky!”


Indeed it has, with this dazzling creation from the bar which has won international acclaim since launching in 2019.


With it’s burnt orange colours, and garnish which resembles a lit flame atop the drink, the Titan of the Sun is one of the most stunning drinks we’ve ever seen.


It’s right at home at Galaxy, which takes inspiration from the solar system and Greek mythology.


The title Titan of the Sun is perhaps a reference to Helios, the Greek sun god, who in mythology drove a chariot daily from east to west across the sky.


“From on high, the Sun Titan dazzles with his wand of fire,” continues the menu description. As light hits the drink and refracts through, it is almost as though the drink is glowing with an astral, mythological energy.


The exact specifications of this creation from Galaxy, founded by entrepreneur Natasha Sideris, are a closely guarded secret.


However, the team at Galaxy have kindly revealed the ingredients used, so that you can experiment with making your own twist on this unique recipe.


The hero of the drink is the famous Greek spirit Metaxa. Created in 1888 by merchant Spyros Metaxa, the amber spirit was inspired by his search for a smoother spirit during his travels.


The Metaxa 12 Stars is a radiant amber brandy, with notes of dried fruit, orange, and spices.


The Verjus cordial, made from unripened green Riesling grapes, adds a touch of fresh fruit acidity to the drink.

About Galaxy Bar

An homage to Greek architecture, Galaxy Bar is a unique bar situated in the heart of Dubai’s bustling financial district.


Bathed in a deep, rich blue, and illuminated by lights which imitate the flickering stars of the night sky, it’s an intimate and elegant neighbourhood bar.


An incredible Lemurian marble arched bar takes centre stage, from which an international team of bartenders serve exquisite drinks.


The current menu is a celebration of Greek mythology, and the solar system.


Since opening in 2019, the bar quickly gained attention for their luxurious approach, and dedication to creating extraordinary drinks.


2021 saw the bar placed on the prestigious 50 Best Bars list, claiming no. 45. It’s a well deserved recognition on the international stage, and we think we’ll see plenty more from Galaxy Bar in the coming years.


Galaxy Bar Dubai

Unit C01
Ground Floor
Gate Village
Building 9 DIFC Dubai


Q & A with Executive Beverage Manager Krystian Hordejuk

Krystian Hordejuk is Executive Beverage Manager, Galaxy Bar & Group Beverage Manager, tashas Group

Krystian Hordejuk is a busy man. The beverage manager hailing from Poland is responsible for Galaxy Bar’s world-class drinks programme.


As well as this, he oversees the beverage offering for Tashas Group, which includes Tashas, the groups flagship brand with 16 stores in South Africa and 5 in the UAE.


The group also includes fine-dining concept Avli, and The Flamingo Room. Like we said, Krystian is busy!


Even so, Krystian took time out of his busy schedule to chat all things cocktails, and his advice for those starting out in the hospitality business.


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