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How to Get your Spritz Fix this Autumn

October 6, 2020 by Tom Bronock

With Autumn well on its way, you might think you’ve had your last spritz of the Summer Season. However, there’s no reason why the colder weather should keep you from your favourite drinks.

Pedrino, the ready-to-drink spritz producers have created a range of new recipes perfect for the Autumn, so you can sip a spritz whatever the weather.

So what’s a spritz then?

Simply put, a spritz is a wine-based cocktail. This is extremely loose as a definition though as the spritz family is quite varied.

The History of the Spritz

The spritz was born during the 1800s when Veneto was still part of the Austrian Empire.

The soldiers stationed there became accustomed to drinking wine in the local taverns where they were billeted.

However, the alcohol content was much higher than they were used to and so they asked their hosts to spray (spritzen in German) water into their wine to make it lighter.

The original spritzes composed of sparkling red or white wine diluted with fresh water.

In Veneto today, the Spritz Al Bitter is made with traditional wine or Prosecco and bitter liqueur is added according to personal taste.

The drink is garnished with a slice of orange or an olive depending on which liqueur has been used.

Spritz drinks have been common in Italy since they were invented, but it is only more recently that they’ve made their way over to the UK.

And they are a massively popular cocktail category.

Popular Spritz

The Aperol Spritz is probably the most popular version these days. Made from Prosecco, Aperol and Soda, its iconic orange colour is instantly recognisable. In 2019 it was ranked as the world’s 9th most popular cocktail. It made number 5 in The Cocktail Service’s Top 100 Cocktails list.

Its rise in popularity is due to an impressive marketing campaign from The Campari Group who acquired Aperol in 2003. They positioned Aperol Spritz as the perfect drink for social occasions.

Once they had cornered the Italian market, they introduced it in Europe and America.

Campari made a conscious effort to promote it with Millennial and Gen Z drinkers with pop up bars featuring Aperol appearing in cities throughout the summer months with some carefully curated, Insta-worthy, photo opportunities.

As spritzes have become more popular, brands and venues have created versions with a myriad of different spirits ranging from Pimm’s to St-Germain.

Who are Pedrino?

Pedrino was launched by Joe Knopfler, son of music icon Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits fame, and Sam Showering who is descended from the family who helped to pioneer famous drink brands such as Babycham and Harveys Bristol Cream.

Joe and Sam became fast friends at school and have always had a lot in common. As well as the famous footsteps to follow in, they shared a love for cocktails and in particular, the perfect Spritz.

Their dream to create the perfect terrace-ready spritzer was born whilst the pair were completing a sun-soaked Grand Tour of Europe. Inspired by the drink’s cabinets of Spain, Portugal and Italy, and the chic style of aperitif hours, the pair decided to create a spritz to encapsulate the feelings and experiences they’d had and share them with others.

After two years of sourcing, testing, and blending different fortified wine, botanicals, and tonic, they decided on the final recipes and launched Pedrino in 2015.

What Makes A Pedrino Spritz Different?

Unlike the spitzes you’re probably familiar with, Pedrino’s don’t contain white wine or prosecco. Instead, their RTD versions feature fortified wines, in a fresh take on the Spritz.

They carefully blend the finest Sherry, Port or Vermouth with their own artisanal tonic water, made with all-natural botanicals and British spring water. All their products are 5.5% ABV.

The stylish drinks can be enjoyed over ice or used as an adult mixer to create a wide range of Spritz Cocktails.

The Range

Pedrino Sherry & Tonic Spritz
The original offering, this spritz is blended from the finest, origin-protected Sherry and Pedrino’s own tonic water. The spritz has notes of raisins and orange blossom. It’s perfect as a light drink.

Pedrino Ruby & Tonic Spritz
The success of the first product inspired Joe and Sam to create something new. The Ruby & Tonic spritz is a contrast in flavour, with notes of red berries, plum and bitter lemon.

Pedrino Vermouth & Tonic Spritz
The most recent contribution to the Pedrino family is the Vermouth & Tonic Spritz. It’s floral, light and very refreshing.

Recipe Ideas

Although you may not be travelling far this Autumn, Pedrino has come up with a new regal range of easy-to-make Spritz Cocktails perfect for the home bar so you can imagine sipping a spritz in an Italian Piazza from the comfort of your own kitchen.

The new recipes have been created by mixing Pedrino products with a selection of quality spirits and liqueurs to provide the sophistication of a cocktail with the sparkling refreshment of a spritz.

Fantastic for a no-stress serve.

Ruby Ramos Fizz


25ml Gin
20ml Cream
15ml Lemon Juice
Pedrino Ruby & Tonic Spritz


Fill a tall glass with ice.
Fill the glass halfway with Pedrino Ruby & Tonic Spritz.
Add the Gin, Cream and Lemon Juice to a shaker.
Add the shaken mixture to the glass.

Tasting Notes: citrusy and refreshing.

Earl Grey Tea Spritz


25ml Cold Earl Grey Tea
Pedrino Vermouth and Tonic Spritz
2 Lemon Wedges


Fill a tall glass with ice.
Add 25ml of cold Earl Grey Tea.
Top with Pedrino Vermouth & Tonic Spritz
Squeeze in the Lemon Wedge.
Garnish with a Fresh Lemon Wedge.

Tasting Notes: fruity and floral.

Spiced Spritz 


25ml Spiced Dark Rum
Pedrino Sherry & Tonic Spritz
1 Slice of Fresh Ginger


Fill a short glass with ice.
Add 25ml of Dark Rum.
Top with Pedrino Sherry & Tonic Spritz.
Garnish with a Ginger Slice.

Tasting Notes: fresh, crispy, and spiced

Fall Spritz


25ml Brandy
1 pinch Nutmeg
Pedrino Sherry & Tonic Spritz
1 Lemon Slice


Fill a short glass with ice.
Add 50ml of Gin.
Top with Pedrino Ruby and Tonic Spritz.
Garnish with a Lemon Slice and Grated Nutmeg.

Tasting Notes: fruity and spiced


Pumpkin Spiced Spritz


25ml Spiced Rum
1 pinch Cinnamon
1 Pinch Nutmeg
10ml Pumpkin Seed Syrup
Top Up with Pedrino Ruby & Tonic Spritz


Fill a tiki mug with ice.
Add 10ml of Pumpkin Seed Syrup.
Top with Pedrino Ruby & Tonic Spritz.
Add a pinch of Cinnamon and Nutmeg.
Garnish with a Cinnamon Stick.

Tasting Notes: Creamy, spiced, and fruity


Pedrino is available in Waitrose, Ocado and Amazon, along with leading bars, hotels, and restaurants around the UK.

Find out more about their products and find more recipe inspiration on their website.


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