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Top 7 Outdoor Mobile Bar Hire Companies

July 25, 2019 by Tom Bronock

Mobile bar hire is a key part of our world leading events industry here in the UK.

There are hundreds of companies to choose from, all with varying offers and services, that can complement any type of event from marquee weddings and private parties to brand activations or corporate events.

Over the years we have come across some incredible mobile bar suppliers. As we are decent folk here, we have taken the time to compile the very best, coolest and quirkiest outdoor bars in the UK

Note – we are 100% impartial and these mobile bars and the operators are known to us and we think are the very, very best in their niche)

When it comes to indoor and marquee events, we do have you covered at The Cocktail Service.

Make sure you check out our Mobile Bar Hire page if you have a bespoke event to plan.

However, sometimes the occasion goes outdoors and needs a certain type mobile bar.

Due to this we have found the crème de la crème of outdoor event bar providers who supply those specialist mobile bars – converted Routemaster buses, camper vans and Piaggio prosecco bars are just the tip of the iceberg.

So if you are planning a festival themed party or have an event that is totally outdoors, look no further than our guide to the coolest outdoor mobile bars in the UK.



These guys are on point and the bar looks epic. The bar we love, The Birdcage, comes in a converted 1965 Morris Ambulance and comes with an incredible giant birdcage installation above the bar.

Mella the owner of this wicked bar, says that its all about   “spectacle, quality and sustainability and that her “staff are a tight knit family of performers, so there is always the best banter and bar magic” Hiring these guys will certainly offer something different.

The Cockatoo installation is a giant, revolving, copper birdcage stage. At night, the mirror ball creates a dazzling light show around the bar.

We first happened across these guys at Wilderness Festival and were blown away by the aesthetic but also the attention to the details – all the staff are performers and artists who create a performance around the bar service.

The drinks… of course these are also on point so for certain themed events this is a great choice.


So Harry (the owner extraordinaire) and his team have created a great company which comprises of a fleet of 18 converted VW Campervans, which are now kick ass cocktail bars.

These guys go all over and deliver outdoor bars nationally at festivals, corporate and private events.

The cool thing about the Beetlejuice bars is they can set up on any greenfield site, are a totally national operation and bring energy and atmosphere to any event they attend.

Its fun, energised, and the cocktails are great too. All bars come with great mixologists, music and awesome cocktails.

We caught up with Harry last week, who told us how Beetlejuice are different:

We provide a selection of handmade cocktails using freshly sourced
ingredients from our vintage and stylish VW vans. Our uniquely designed cocktail bar is the WOW factor for any event space brings a unique centrepiece to any event.”

We can definitely see that here in how they operate and want to do drinks and more importantly cocktails the “right” way. Its seems Beetljuice have been growing at quite a rate also:

“The beauty now is we have multiple vehicles based across the country working across a variety of events, including festivals,sporting events, corporates and weddings so can service events across the UK”

Thats a great USP for Beetlejuice because many operators only have one vehicle and are very regionally focused…Beetlejuice mobile bars are available to hire across the UK. In our opinion, they are bang on these guys and you won’t go wrong if a funky converted VW Camper is your thing.

Big Red Bus Bar

So this is exactly what you can imagine…a big red Routemaster bus that has been converted into an outdoor bar. This bar perfect for bigger, outdoor events where you have a lot of guests.

Drinks wise think local ales, ciders and lagers and the ability to serve this fast and in big quantities.

So serving lots of guests quickly tick. Look and feel…tick. The bar is a true wow factor both adult and kids love Routemaster Bars (trust us we used to own one ourselves) and it is guaranteed to bring something really special to your event.

With Routemaster bus bars you get more than a bar..the upper deck is converted into a seating area which is great if the weathers not onside.

As far as mobile bars for hire go, this is a great option for any vintage or British themed event, festivals or weddings.

Bubble Bros

A match made in heaven…a classic Piaggio Ape mobile bar and prosecco.

The Bubble Bros have been plying their trade across the festival circuit (again where we first found them) and also across private and corporate events all over the UK.

The premise is simple, ice cold prosecco on tap, served by the Bros out of their amazing converted vintage Piaggio, which is now a fully functioning mobile bar.

Kegged prosecco is fantastic, it tastes great and it removes any need for chilling hundreds of bottles of bubbly as its dispensed in a similar way to draught lager.

All in all this is a cool mobile bar concept and works really well for those events where its all about prosecco.

The Crafty Cravan Mobile Bar

The Crafty Caravan Mobile Bar is a creation of Dan & James who had the idea and found a local caravan renovator, Rich, to take on the project of building The Crafty Caravan Bar.

The unit was built in Hertfordshire and now operates at national events.

This year The Crafty Caravan Bar has been seen at the British Grand Prix, Financial Times Live, Stonor Park Supercar Sunday, The Royal Academy of Arts, Blenheim Horse Trails and a number of festival style weddings.

The Crafty Caravan is a very special mobile bar vehicle. Each end of the 1950’s style teardrop opens up to reveal 2 bar areas.

One end has 6 taps which can be used to serve craft beer, cider, prosecco, pimms and even cocktails on tap!!  They are currently serving Aperol Spritz, Mojito, Gin Fizz, Negroni and Paloma all on tap!!! Pretty cool we think.

The other end is a bespoke cocktail bar that has been thoughtfully designed with built in sinks, ice wells and glass holders.

The cocktail bar is an 8ft unit that pulls out on rollers to create a spectacular bar.  The bar tenders stand within the bar section, serving out from all 3 sides.

The Baron

The Baron is the work of the great bartender that is Rew Brode of The 43 Club.

We have known Rew for years and it was no surprise when he dreamt up this awesome mobile bar concept. The Baron is a vintage Land Rover Defender that has been converted into a fully stock mobile bar for outdoor events.

It is super cool and an engineering feat – to such an extent that Rew and his creation were featured on Channel 4’s George Clarks Amazing Spaces!

A national operation that can provide its services across the UK, Rew and his team knock out really incredible cocktails and work their magic to create great atmosphere at any event. Great job Rew.



Christabel, the owner of this slick operation, have given a 1980’s ambulance a facelift and now have a banging mobile bar for hire. The bar is all about design and aesthetically is a great addition to any event. Add in the beautiful cocktails and energetic staff and you have yourself a party.

We spoke to Christabel Hart to find out a bit more about what makes them special:

“We at Christabel’s have designed each of our bars to ensure a completely bespoke, show stopping experience – the idea is that they bring the party with their unique style and cocktails.”

But that’s not where it ends. Speaking with Christabel, its very clear that the focus, beyond the awesome bars, is the personal touch and truely tailoring service to their clients:

“We place huge emphasis on tailoring each event to the company or person being celebrated, coming up with a cocktail menu that reflects the character behind the event and styling our bars to suit the theme, thus creating a really unique, personal service and experience”

We think thats great and something that not enough outdoor providers really take into account. Our events industry is known for being forward thnking and innovative and Christabel’s are at the forefront of this.

Again, another top player in the outdoor mobile bar offering to our events industry. You are in safe hands with Christabel and her team.

So thats our Top Seven Outdoor Mobile Bar companies in the UK.

There are many others out there so below are a few things worthing considering with mobile bar hire.

What to consider when comparing outdoor mobile bar companies

When thinking about mobile bar hire, you need to be sure that you get all of the costs up front and that you know exactly what the quote will offer you.

A lot of companies will offer a package so be sure to break down exactly what that package is offering you – staff numbers, drink numbers, brands etc.

We’ve covered a lot of this information in our piece covering the most common mistakes you’ll make on your DIY wedding bar.

On top of this is essential to ensure that the bar can deal with the size of the event you are trying to cater for.

As outdoor mobile bars can’t be scaled up like a traditional mobile bar, it is important to discuss guest numbers and the supplier’s ability to deal with this so there are not queues

What Do Your Suppliers Require?

Ask the right questions…what power do the need, space requirements.

Is running water needed and hope does the vehicle get delivered. A good mobile bar hire company will be able to answer all of these questions for you and ensure delivery, service and collection is smooth.

Thinking of hiring outdoor mobile bar companies for your event?

In that case check out our ultimate guide to mobile bar hire.

These companies are all known to us and well known within the industry.

As with any event service provider, please ensure you do your research and pick the right supplier for you.

For quick tips on how to hire mobile bar hire for events read our guide with loads of tips and advice on what to look for before booking a mobile bar supplier.

Of course if the outdoor mobile bars we have showcased are not quite right then then we can supply our award winning mobile bar hire to your event!

Please feel free to CONTACT US if you want to know more.


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