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Get more footfall onto your trade and exhibition stands with a mobile cocktail bar.

December 8, 2016 by Tom Bronock

Trade Shows, Exhibition Stands and Conferences – why so important? Is it worth the investment? How can I stand out from the competition?

In 2011, over 35% of B2B marketing budgets were centred around B2B exhibitions alone, with this being the largest budget of any other marketing channel. Over 99% of marketers reported that they found ‘unique value’ from trade shows which they did not get from any other marketing mediums. Looking at this, it is evident as to why so many large, medium and in some cases small sized companies see the importance and value of attending trade shows, exhibition stands and/or conferences. However, with thousands of exhibitors attending hundreds of thousands of different shows per year, how does one ‘stand out from the crowd’ and get the customer attraction, attention and retention that is required for the utmost success at such events?

According to ‘Business Week’, “getting attention on a crowded show floor isn’t easy” and it is this exact problem of establishing how you can attract the consumer’s attention from the competition, which The Cocktail Service can offer a unique solution to.

The Cocktail Service can offer bespoke, unique and engaging solutions to enhance your business’ and customers’ experience at a trade show, exhibition and/or conference. One of the most unique ways we can do this is by offering Cocktail Masterclasses.

A fun, engaging, interesting and unique way to increase awareness of your business, our Cocktail Masterclasses are designed to increase customer interaction with your company in a fun, relaxed and interactive environment. With easy to assemble stations no larger than 92cm x 50cm x 64cm each, we can incorporate our masterclasses into any event space required, whether that be fitting around your set-up or incorporating our set-up into your own.  With over 20 stations to hand, we can create a full-on masterclass experience with any of the customers passing by, or we can create a smaller, more intimate experience – whichever works best for you and your stand. We will have one of our top mixologists teaching the class, as well as an assistant to help, if required. We can teach your customers to make any cocktails you’d like, and we can also offer bespoke cocktail creations, so the cocktails are more fitting and personal to your business. Helping to enhance the footfall to your stand, our Cocktail Masterclasses are sure to offer something different to those passing by.

As well as our cocktail masterclasses, we can offer personalised branded mobile bars, too. Our mobile bar stations are a great way to enhance your brand exposure whilst offering a unique experience for your customers to interact with you whilst they enjoy a drink (or two!). We can provide everything from the bar, bar branding board, glassware, drinks, ice and staff. A very simple, yet effective way of exposing your brand, whilst interacting with consumers in a relaxed setting.

One of our clients, Ben at Creatif, used our bar set-up for his trade show, and here is what he had to say about his experience:

Having The Cocktail Service’s cocktail bar offering on our stand at our trade show event really did encourage guests to come to our showroom and speak to my team. Clients we spoke to really enjoyed the cocktails that we made for them, and this worked as a great ice breaker for us. Our showroom was one of the busiest over the three-day event, and as a result, this has led to multiple sales for our team, which is essential for our continued growth.”

Already have a bar or station at your stand? No problem – we can cater to your requests and provide whatever elements of our offering you need to ensure your trade, exhibition or conference stand offers something different this year.


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