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Ice Carving At Events

September 13, 2018 by Tom Bronock

Wow, things have gotten very exciting at The Cocktail Service HQ in the last few weeks. Our expert mixologists have been busy working creating hand carved ice cubes.

Our team are true drink specialists. We were tasked by brand-new client Botanic Lab (check these guys out… they produce incredible health drinks and juice programmes) to deliver two roaming media days across the capital.

Our mixologists, Jamie and Nick, visited the biggest media outlets in the capital and delivered a hand carved ice experience, using giant ice blocks, at several media offices. Giant ice cubes were carved using a Japanese ice carving kit, before being served alongside Botanic Labs Botanical Tea Drinks.

There was a clear logistical challenge here, as the team had to deliver the ice carving experience to a tight time schedule, while transporting giant ice blocks across London.

Ice carving has long been part of the Japanese bar scene, but is a fairly new addition to the UK. It is an art and the equipment required is specialised – ice knife, saw, picks and protective gloves. Why giant ice cubes? The size of the ice means that the cube will melt at a slower rate, preserving drinks for longer and ensuring dilution is optimised. These cubes are particularly favoured when drinking super premium products neat, as it ensures the drink maintains its flavour profile.

Ice carving is the next big thing in the events industry and if you want to find out more about how this works, then contact our team today.


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