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Prosecco & Cocktails – a trip to Bottega Spa

August 28, 2018 by Tom Bronock

So the team here have long been fans of Bottega Gold Prosecco and have been using it as our house pour for three years. We were super excited to be invited to the home of Bottega for a three day trip of great food, beautiful sights and a lot of prosecco….

Bottega Spa is a winery, distillery and vineyard that is every inch a family business. With roots back to the 17th century, the brand is something special and has built up an international following, led by the legendary Sandro, Barbara and Stefano.

Four of The Cocktail Service team were invited to Bottega Spa for three days of tastings and tours of the incredible company. Bottega is perched in the north-east of Italy in the province of Treviso (which offers growers the perfect conditions for cultivating prosecco grapes), in a rural idyll. We shouldn’t have been fooled though, it was very clear that Bottega Spa was a highly tuned brand. Everything from the offices to the enormous warehouse and bottling plant, suggested these guys were delivering on a massive scale; and they are. Distributing to a staggering 132 countries and available in the coveted duty free section in airports, Sandro and his team really know what they are doing.

Now, we were looked after in a serious way, from fine dining meals and an in-depth tour of the operation through to a lot of tastings. What took us all by surprise was the huge amount of products these guys produce. Apart from the aforementioned prosecco, Bottega produces grappas, wines, liqueurs, vodkas, gins and vermouths. We had a great tasting with the team at Bottega, that took us from Bottega Gold all the way through to Stardust (the Stardust bottle is completely covered with 1000s of tiny crystals, which we were told are created by hand). The distillery and vineyard are truly state of the art and are a fine testament to the incredible brand.

The area that Bottega resides is an incredible part of the country, that one feels is almost entirely dedicated to creating incredible wines, proseccos and spirits. Everywhere you look there are acres of vines cladding the hills. We were very well looked after and came back to the UK with a new found love for the brand, but most importantly the people behind it and their passion for Italy and the products they produce.

To find out more, visit  Bottega SPA.


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