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The Flavour Blaster Review

April 25, 2020 by The Cocktail Service

The Cocktail Industries Hottest Innovation

The Flavour Blaster is the new kid on the mixology block. We’ve not seen anything as fun as this since dry ice had its heyday in bars.

It’s an innovative piece of cocktail equipment that allows the bartender to make epic edible bubbles, flavoured mist and smoke clouds.

These flavoured bubbles sit on top of drinks and are easily popped to release a scented mist, that smells beautiful and infuses flavour into cocktails.

It does have wow factor, there is no doubt about that and guest engagement is significant when its used….cocktails are all about theatrics and this is the ideal gizmo for theatrics.

The Flavour Blaster allows bartenders to smash out volume cocktails with wow factor in a 100% safe way.

This is gold dust in busy bar environments.

So The Flavour Blaster itself is a handheld gun-like tool, that blows out flavoured vapour bubbles (there’s a selection of these available from any Flavour Blaster stockist) that are created via the specialist Flavour Blaster bubble mix.

These come in a number of flavours including mixed berries, citrus, ginger, rosemary and smoke.


The tool opens up a number of possibilities as a bartender.

First and foremost, as you can see from the video, you can create excitement through the vapour bubbles.

Most will not have seen anything like this before, so in a bar or restaurant, the vapour bubbles sat on top of a cocktail will get your customers attention.

Guest engagement in a bar, equals more sales, both in lifetime value but also on the night. People go to bars where they have a good time and feel comfortable and engaging them through a Flavour Blaster will help create the vibes needed to keep customers coming back.

Secondly, we get the opportunity to play with the flavours which work in so many different cocktails.

Choosing a flavour to compliment the taste of your cocktail can really enhance the experience.

Similar to the scent of garnish on the bouquet of a cocktail, you can achieve this with The Flavour Blaster.

Smell is an extremely important sense when eating and drinking and this bartending tool allows mixologists to enhance that drinking experience.

Check out this wicked example of a cocktail using The Flavour Blaster called Belle Of The Night.

We have to say, The Flavour Blaster is not cheap, but when used properly in a bar, you will get a return on investment through increased sales. Incremental sales from that group that stayed for another round or that ice breaker for gaining customer loyalty is invaluable.

Bars and restaurants are about the customer experience. The most successful bars in the world create an experience for their guests and it might be The Flavour Blaster can help you achieve this.

We have seen these awesome bar tools all over the internet and they are certain to get bigger and bigger as soon as more bartenders and venues discover them.

We had a great time mixing cocktails and playing with The Flavour Balster and we think you guys will too.

Fingers crossed that the creators come up with some more epic innovations soon.

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