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A Definitive Guide To Bottled Cocktails

June 11, 2021 by Jonathan Paxley

Bottled and canned cocktails have been slowly sneaking their way into the drinks market for a few years now. But recently their popularity has exploded. They are so popular, even we have created a range at The Cocktail Society.

Drinks experts are getting involved. Using quality ingredients, diversifying the range of cocktails available and making them to the quality you could expect in your favourite bar.

All these factors mean that the quality of ready to drink cocktails has improved tenfold. This is now a category that deserves your attention. Check out the top ready to drink cocktail brands.


What are bottled cocktails?

Bottled cocktails are pre-made cocktails that are bottled and sealed for later use. They can be enjoyed both professionally and personally and can be easily made at home or sourced from an expert supplier. Pre-bottled cocktails will contain pre-mixed cocktails, that can usually be served straight from the bottle (in a chilled glass, of course.)

The majority of bottled cocktail recipes will focus on ingredients that can easily be mixed and are ‘ready to serve’ when they are poured. Some bottled cocktails may require additional ingredients to be added when the cocktail is being served, but some have been specifically developed to allow ease of serving without any additions to the cocktail itself.

The Cocktail Service is proud to join the movement of ready to drink bottled cocktails, launching our range of expertly crafted cocktails. You can easily buy bottled cocktails online and have our bottled cocktails delivered to your door, ideal if you’re planning a night in or gathering, but don’t want the faff of preparing cocktails for the whole evening.

Crafted here in the UK by our award-winning, experienced mixologists, explore our range of bottled cocktails on our website. We create handcrafted, small-batch bottled cocktails and premium cocktail kits for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


How do bottled cocktails work?

Pre bottled, ready-made cocktails simply involve preparing your chosen cocktail before it is stored in a bottle to be enjoyed at a later date. The mixtures are premade, but follow the same steps as if the cocktail was prepared fresh for serving. These mixtures are then poured into bottles and sealed, to be enjoyed at a later date, while still enjoying the fresh and zingy flavours as the day it was crafted.

How long do bottled cocktails last?

Ready to drink bottled cocktails can be enjoyed up to three months after they have been purchased. Industry-standard bottled cocktails (like the ones we make) will have been expertly mixed by professionals and will have a longer shelflife, meaning you can enjoy your cocktail weeks after it has been mixed. As standard, our Cocktail Club will last around three months, and you can expect the same fresh flavour if you drink it in this timeframe.

The premixed cocktails simply need a chilled glass and ice (if stipulated in the recipe) before you can enjoy the cocktail at home. Other cocktails that require fresh ingredients such as milk or cream may need additional ingredients and steps before they are served. This depends on the cocktail in question. Widely speaking, The Cocktail Service recommends the following tips if you are looking to make premixed bottled
cocktails at home:

– Spirit-led cocktails are perfect for premade cocktails. Cocktails such as Negronis, Martinis and Manhattan’s are perfect for turning into pre-bottled cocktails as the core ingredients are not perishable.

– Don’t bottle perishable ingredients, such as cream or egg. If you’re looking to create a dairy-based cocktail at home, then add these ingredients at the point of making the cocktail. This is because they won’t last long in bottles; anything dairy-based, avoid! They simply don’t suit this method.

– Be careful with carbonated drinks if you are mixing with these. This is because they can go flat, depending on how you bottle the cocktails and how long they are bottled for.

– If you are mixing with fruit juice, citrus, sugar or syrups, these may need to be consumed relatively quickly. Most citrus and sweet juice can be bottled for around 3 days.


Homemade bottled cocktails: What to expect

If you are making your own premade cocktails, then there are a few important steps to making sure your cocktails will last:

– Sterilise the bottle beforehand. This will help to keep the cocktails fresh and uncontaminated before you decide to enjoy them.

– Source good quality bottle caps. This will help to ensure that the mixtures are not exposed to air or external elements until the bottle is opened to be enjoyed.

– Decide on dilution. Dilution means adding water to the cocktail; this is achieved through fresh ice when a cocktail is mixed in a bar. You could keep the premixed cocktail undiluted, but remember to add fresh ice when you serve the cocktail. Otherwise, remember to add water to the mixture before the cocktail is bottled.

– Chill the mixture immediately. To make sure your bottled cocktail will have a long shelf life, you will need to seal and chill the cocktail immediately. This helps with long-lasting freshness and prevents the mixture from being compromised.


Bar-made bottled cocktails: What to expect

If you have purchased bottle cocktails online from a reputable distributor, then the process will be slightly different to making bottled cocktails at home. This is because, with bar bottling, expert mixologists create the cocktail and can ensure extra freshness through the deoxidisation process.

Removing the oxygen from the space between the mix and the cap is done through liquid nitrogen, and can ensure extra freshness with a premade cocktail when it is eventually opened.

Benefits of bottled cocktails

Bottled cocktails save you time

With bottled cocktails, you save plenty of time as all the hard work is done for you. The preparation of the ingredients and the mixing of the separate elements are all done for you; a bottled cocktail is ready to serve with next to no preparation. All you need is ice and a chilled glass. This is particularly handy if you are hosting a party or event, and want to enjoy fresh and exciting cocktails without the faff. Bottled cocktails offer that element.

No need to buy expensive ingredients

When you make a cocktail from scratch, you have to source all of the expensive ingredients, buy the kit and then know how to make the drinks. Sometimes a ready-to-drink, bar quality bottled cocktail is a far easier option for you. One of the reasons why people may avoid making cocktails at home is because it can be a complicated process sourcing all the separate ingredients. Occasionally, these ingredients will only be needed in small quantities, meaning you will likely have a lot left over.


You don’t need to invest in cocktail making tools

Making cocktails at home can be complicated! Homemade cocktails can be fun, of course; but you’ll need to have the right cocktail making tools to make sure you create a delicious cocktail you’ll truly be able to enjoy. With a premixed cocktail, there’ll be no need to invest in extra tools. You can enjoy all the benefits of a professionally mixed cocktail without the worry of creating it yourself. If you’re hosting a party, then this will take the pressure off even more; you can enjoy the gathering and leave the cocktail mixing up to the experts.

You can easily find your favourites

The great thing about bottled cocktails is that it’s an industry that is booming! It’s easier than ever to find expertly blended cocktails to enjoy at home. With unique flavours and tantalising blends just a few clicks away, if you’re favourite tipple is a little too complicated to make yourself, leave it up to the experts!


They’re convenient

Bottled cocktails are a convenient way to enjoy delicious professionally prepared cocktails with minimal effort on your part! Simply find your favourite flavour and chill the bottle before you plan to serve. If you’re looking for a quick drink for an evening or want a relaxed evening with friends.

Made by professionals

Cocktail making is art crossed with science. To do it at a high level requires imagination, precision, and practice. There are lots of different skills to master including shaking, building, and layering your drinks. Check out our bar knowledge collection to learn a few. If you don’t have the spare 10,000 hours that it supposedly takes to become an expert at something, but you still fancy some high-quality cocktails, ready to drink cocktails are the perfect solution.

Premixed cocktails can be sent direct to your house, and are often crafted by hand, with each batch completely unique. Made from the finest ingredients, bottled cocktails from drinks agencies such as The Cocktail Service will have been painstakingly developed by master craftsman of the trade, with years of experience as
mixologists. This guarantees delicious flavour and a premium product that doesn’t cut corners, to provide the ultimate cocktail experience at home.

bottled Espresso-martini-cocktail

Far less waste!

Bottled cocktails are a far more sustainable option than making cocktails at home. This is because you are cutting out most of the waste materials from making your own cocktails; these include extra ingredients you don’t need and any packaging from these ingredients. By buying bottled cocktails that are made out of recycled materials, you are cutting down on your waste considerably. There will be no wasted ingredients, and less plastic waste, too. At The Cocktail Service, we’ve strived to drastically reduce the amount of plastic in our bottled cocktails. As well as benign made from recycled glass, our bottles are topped with bottle closures that are made from tree pulp.

Best Bottled Cocktails to Try

Explore our range of ready to drink cocktails below.


Smoked Old Fashioned Premade Cocktail

With bourbon and sugar syrup its notable tastes, we have crafted a bottled version of the much-loved old fashioned cocktail, with smokey undertones thanks to the real oak smoke that’s infused the whiskey. With bourbon whiskey, angostura bitters, orange peel and demerara sugar for the extra sweetness, enjoy a unique blend hand-crafted by expert mixologists and bottled with care.


Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Premade Cocktail

An absolute favourite for many, we’ve put our own spin on this classic cocktail. The delicious salted caramel gives our espresso martini a deep, intense sweet flavour that packs a punch. With the addition of the finest-quality freshly brewed coffee, and Chase Vodka, only expect the best.


Oak Aged Sloe Negroni Premade Cocktail

For an oaky, rich fruity flavoured cocktail, you can’t go wrong with our Oak-Aged Sloe Negroni. Packing in flavour with Sloe Gin, smooth vermouth and Campari, top with a slice of fresh zesty orange when you serve. Expertly blended with a limited edition run of Chase Oak-Aged Sloe Gin, it’ll soon become a firm favourite.


Coconut & Kaffir Lime Leaf Premade Cocktail

Bringing together all the vibes for a bright summer cocktail, our Coconut and Kaffir Lime Leaf cocktail offers a slice of sunshine in every glass. Sweet, citrusy and aromatic, this cocktail offers the perfect balance of flavours, brought together by premium quality Plantation 3 Star Rum. Don’t blame us if you run out of this quickly.

Have We Convinced You?

We’d never discourage anyone from making their own cocktails but ready to drink versions are great alternatives if you’re short of time, don’t want to invest in a large liquor range or are interested in trying some new flavour combinations.

For anyone who wants to try their hand at making their own cocktails check out our recipe selection for a great range of recipes suitable for complete beginners to those who fancy a bit of a challenge.


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