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The Best Alcohol Subscriptions 2021

June 2, 2021 by Jonathan Paxley

1/10 The Cocktail Society


When looking for an alcohol subscription box they don’t come much more premium than The Cocktail Society.

A monthly or quarterly mixed cocktail box with ready-to-drink and DIY cocktails, snacks and a members magazine.

The members get a mix of great cocktails, the opportunity to learn how to make cocktails themsleves and a host of perks such as exclusive tastings, masterclasses and member discounts.

2/10 Craft Gin Club 


Gin has been one of the fastest growing drinks on the market over the past decade with hundreds of flavours and thousands of brands all desperate to showcase their product. 

That can make it really hard for the consumer. But not to worry Craft Gin Club will carefully curate and pick a full bottle of gin with a selection of mixers and snacks. 

You can choose how often you want to receive their boxes and as such can taylor the cost to your budget. 

3/10 Flaviar


If you have done any research into alcohol subscription boxes then you will likely have heard of Flavier. 

With a vast array of spirits you just can’t buy anywhere else a Flavier subscription box is perfect for alcohol lovers.

For the price this is one of the best options on the market when it comes to bang for your buck and we would recommend you check them out.

4/10 The Dram Team 


These guys originally started out with just Whiskey boxes and have branched out into a variety of other liquors. 

Each box comes with delicious selection of five premium, 25ml bottles of your chosen spirit and a ‘Sixth Dram’ which comprises of a 10ml sample of the most high quality sample available that month. 

The small quantities may seem harsh but the quality is undeniable and can be made to stretch a long way.

5/10 Beer52 


Beer52 is an undeniable classic in the alcohol subscription market. Whether its craft bottles or cans, these guys will hand pick a delicious selection for monthly boxes.

They encourage participation from their Beer Club members, giving away points in exchange for reviews of their beers so they can continue to offer the highest standard to their subscribers. 

6/10 Honest Brew 


Honest Brew is first and foremost an online beer store for alcohol delivery. However, they do offer a great value for money subscription service for their brands.

With options of 6, 9 or 12 beers a month as options you can choose just how much you want to drink.

You can also prioritise IPAs and Pale Ales or Mixed Styles depending on you personal preference. A great drink subscription service for beer lovers.

7/10 Savage Vines


Our friends at Savage Vines have developed the ultimate customisable wine subscription boxes. 

You can choose the number of bottles, the frequency of delivery and the type of wine, making it the perfect box for any taste. 

The wines are carefully sourced from independent growers around the world and shipped to you for a great price. 

8/10 Crafty Nectar


For the highest quality Cider Club, look no further than Crafty Nectar. They seek out the best, most limited Ciders in the country, packed full of heritage.

They make sure their ciders are made sustainably and traditionally from real apples, not from concentrate.

They aim to transport you back to the 17th and 18th century when cider was held in higher esteem than the finest of wine.

You can even add a slice of award winning cheese to accompany your alcohol subscription box.

9/10 Bubble Box


It’s bubbly time. Every month the guy at Bubble Box will bring on the celebrations with three bottles of bubbly from vineyards around the globe. 

Alternatively, if you are an avid chef, you can choose the Gourmet box which will pair your bubbles with delicious recipes to make at home to really heighten those celebratory evenings.

The customisation of Bubble Box is less so but that just adds to the fun of the surprise. 

11/13 I Love Gin


Gin and Tonic is one of the most classic alcohol combos. But making a really good one requires really good ingredients, usually way outside of your budget.

I Love Gin realised this and made great Gin and Tonic affordable for all, every month.

They will send you a delicious variety of flavoured gins and tonics to tickle your tastebuds at home by yourself or with friends.

12/13 Summerton Whiskey Club


This alcohol subscription box does exactly what it says on the tin. It delivers Whiskey and only Whiskey. But boy is it good Whiskey.

They boast the best value for money, challenging you to find quality like they provide for cheaper. Although they only deliver one bottle bi-monthly, a quick check of the retail prices will leave you shocked at how cheap they are able to provide it to you.

The best part though, of course is the Whiskey itself. They deliver rare and unique whiskies that they guarantee you won’t be able to find in any supermarket.  

13/13 Princess Prosecco


Girl’s night! Pop those corks, get pampered and swig back the bubbly. Princess Prosecco is absolutely perfect for the princess in you. 

The worst part about this alcohol subscription service is choosing whether you want one of two bottles per month. And it doesn’t stop there. Each box is stuffed full of pampering goodies from snacks to eye masks and even fake lashes.

I challenge any of you to not be uplifted by a selfcare evening hosted by Princess Prosecco.

14/14 Stir-Up


If you haven’t done any cocktail making during the covid pandemic then you have been missing out on a great, social pastime with your friends on zoom.

Stir-up makes that process much easier. They deliver a box filled with the liquid ingredients to make and enjoy cocktails at home.

Unsure about the art of cocktail making? Their box comes with written and video instructions to help you along the way with the process. A tasty, unique take on the alcohol subscription box.

14/14 The Wine Society


If you’re looking for the top end of wine subscription boxes then it would be best to go to one of the most prestigious wine companies in the country.

The Wine Society hosts a number of benefits to being a member, offering some of the finest wines on the market. But more recently it has launched a monthly wine box.

‘Wine Without Fuss’ has an array of plans and options to get the most out of the world of wine. It will cost you a bit more than its competitors but trust us when we say you will be getting your money’s worth from these guys.


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