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How To Make Oleo Saccharum

April 20, 2020 by Tom Bronock

What Is Oleo Sacchurum?

Oleo Saccharum is magic. Although its sounds like something that might knock you for six if ingested it’s quite the opposite.

It’s the zesty, citrus product of mixing sugar and citrus peel. Its another technique of creating flavoured syrups but with citrus peels. Proper bartender territory this.

In this sustainable age, it’s a great way to use up citrus peel otherwise destined for the bin and aside from its green creds, it tastes mighty fine too.

Its got a deep citrus and sweet flavour that is courtesy of the magic oil in citrus peel and is an epic cocktail ingredient.

Oleo Saccharum is one for the pros bartenders…or the very enthusiastic, as it takes a bit of work and is a labour of love.

All good things take effort in this life though.

How To Make Oleo Saccharum?

There are a few techniques. Traditional or modern.

Both are effective although, as you can imagine the modern technique does a slightly more efficient job with less effort. It does require some serious kit though.

Traditional Method

The trad method requires the citrus peels to be put in a bowl and granulated sugar to be sprinkled over the top. You are then required to muddle the lemons to start the oil extraction process and leave it for a few hours.

Magically, the oils get extracted from the citrus fruit leaving a beautiful, zesty syrup to use as an ingredient in cocktails.

Modern Method

The modern method was originally championed by cocktail guru Jeffrey Morgenthaler, who uses a vacuum sealing technique.

All the ingredients are popped into a bag and its vac packed.

The idea being that the ingredients are all closely bound together and it speeds up and intensifies the oil extraction process.

Oleo Saccharum Recipe

Peel From 3 Lemons
85g Granulated Sugar

Peel the surface of the lemons into a bowl. Add the sugar and muddle, making sure the peel and sugar is well integrated. Leave, covered,  for 4 to 6 hours. Remove the peels and bottle up the Oleo Saccharum.

How Do I Use Oleo Saccharum?

Oleo Saccharum is a key ingredient in punch style cocktails or any cocktail creations that need a citrus base for balance. If you want some inspo for where to use it, check out our recipe section.




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