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Instagram bartender Snehal from San Diego shares his tasty version of the classic Americano with us.








45ml Campari
22.5ml Dolin Rouge
22.5ml Martini Rubino
Top Soda

How to Make an Americano

Add ice cubes to a collins glass. Add the ingredients and give a quick stir while adding half of the soda. Top with remaining soda.


Orange Wedge

The History of the Americano

The Americano is a classic refreshing collins cocktail made with Campari, sweet vermouth and soda. So simple yet amazingly tasty, this recipe is a combination of Italian and French vermouths to give it some additional complexity.


Finally, a generous pour of soda gives the cocktail some nice length & dilution and brings out the beautiful bittersweet palate.


This recipe was generously shared by Instagram bartender Snehal,  currently residing in San Diego. Since he got into making cocktails at home a few years back, he has been experimenting with different ingredients and interesting flavours over the course of his journey.


He says he started off with gravitating towards fruitier, sweeter drinks and finally after all this time, he’s come to liking more balanced and bitter flavoured cocktails as well. He credits Campari for making him fall in love with Amari and bitters.


Check out Snehal and his beautiful cocktails here.


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