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One of the worlds most popular cocktails – the tequila based Margarita. Learn how to make it here with our easy step by step recipe.








Tequila Blanco – 50ml

Cointreau – 30ml

Fresh Lime Juice – 20ml

Sugar Syrup – 10ml


Dehydrated Lime Wheel

How To Make A Margarita

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and fill with cubed ice. Shake hard for 5-10 seconds. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice and garnish with 2 dehydrated limes wheels.

For a classic garnish salt rim the glass before pouring the Margarita in.

The History of the Margarita

Supposedly invented in 1938 by Carlos Herrera, at his restaurant Ranchos La Gloria, near Tijuana. He created this enduring classic to satisfy a famous customer, who disliked virtually all spirits with the exception of tequila.


Carlos Herrara could never have imagined the success of his cocktail and the influence this would come to have both on his countries national spirit, Tequila, and the world bar scene.


Fast forward to today and Tequila is one of the most commercially successful spirits in the world, which holds huge appeal in the USA and Europe. Brands such as Patron and Don Julio have created a multi-billion dollar industry in Tequila which has a lot to thank Ranchos La Gloria for.


Margarita recipes come in many shapes and sizes and have spawned a huge number of twists or variations. The original Margarita cocktail recipe though is one of perfect simplicity.

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