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Verde Gimlet

A signature cocktail from El Copitas in St Petersburg who are inspired by Mexican hospitality.




Nick and Nora




Tequila Blanco – 40ml

Cilantro and Jalapeño Cordial – 60ml


Fresh Coriander Leaf or Green Oil.

How To Make A Verde Gimlet

Stir all the ingredients in a cooled mixing glass. Strain it into the Nick and Nora glass and garnish it with fresh coriander leaf or 3 drops of green oil.

How To Make Cilantro and Jalapeño Cordial

Water – 1 Liter

Sugar – 0.5kg

Citric Acid – 20g

Apple Acid – 10g

Jalapeño Brine – 30ml

Fresh Coriander – 0.1kg

Mix water with sugar and acids, stir it well till everything dissolves well. Add jalapeño brine. Try it. It should be sweet and sour and piquant, not too hot. After that put it into the vacuum seal bags and add fresh coriander. Use infusion under pressure for 4-5 times in evacuator.

How To Make Green Oil

Olive Oil – 200ml

Fresh Coriander – 100g

Salt – 1g

Blend all ingredients together. Leave it for 24 hours and then filter it well.

The History of El Copitas

El Copitas was opened by Artem Peruk and is found in a hidden basement in the heart of Russia, which isn’t the first place you would think of to host one of the world’s best agave bars! Inspired by Mexico, this speakeasy is run by a team of passionate professionals who work with seasonal ingredients and own a fine collection of rare alcohol, tequila and mezcal. However doesn’t come with the most normal success story


When they first opened they were not legally allowed to serve people and also didn’t have any chairs for their customers to sit on. After asking surrounding bars if they could lend just one chair and knowing the right people, they are a fully licensed bar and have climbed to 27th in The World Top 50 Bars.


This unique bar creates a sense of escapism as there are no windows or clocks. It allows you to fully submerge into the experience and forget about the outside world. The is only one table inside the venue which seats 25 customers, which forces strangers to sit togethers and communicate however the goal is to make everyone feel comfortable. There is a bartender at the end of the table making drinks and creating an experiential atmosphere like no other.

One of the most interesting facts about this unique bar is there is only one big concrete table inside which seats 25 guests around. Forcing strangers to sit and communicate with each other with a goal to make everyone feel comfortable and converse – with the bartender at the end of the table making drinks and creating an experience like no other.


The Verde Gimlet is one of the signature cocktails at El Copitas Bar, which was created in the early beginning and is still the most popular cocktail on the menu.


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