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The Brief

MPR Communications briefed TCS to create an influencer gift which celebrated Rampur Distillery’s Rampur Asava Indian single malt. To coincide with Diwali and Old Fashioned Week 2021 we crafted a bespoke cocktail corporate gifting solution.
The Indian Old Fashioned cocktail features Rampur Asava Single Malt.
Major spirit suppler Radico Khaitan owns Rampur Distillery. Formed in 1943, the company is now the largest drinks company in India.

Not only that, Radico Khaitan is also one of the oldest whisky distillers in India. For a quarter of a century, Rampur Distillery has been making beautiful whiskies near to the foothills of the Himalayas.

The Extraordinary Experience

A 500ml bottled cocktail filled with Indian Old Fashioned, a cocktail influencer gift made for Rampur Distillery

Our expert mixologists created an Old Fashioned cocktail recipe, using Rampur Asava Single Malt as the hero spirit.

The Rampur Asava is distilled, matured, and bottled in Uttar Pradesh.

First, it’s matured in American Bourbon barrels and then perfected in Indian Cabernet Sauvignon casks. It’s the first whisky to be prepared in this manner.

Indian whiskies mature quicker than those created in Scotland and Ireland, due to the difference in climate. Rampur’s proximity to the Himalaya’s provides a range of temperatures, from polar conditions to the Indian Summer.

This creates a smooth and mellow tasting drink, with a long finish.

The Cocktail Service’s drinks consultant Charlotte notes:

“This product has the fruity notes which you usually find with Rampur, but with fruity hints of apricot, and a touch of spice.

To enhance the flavours to create the Indian Old Fashioned, we infused the Rampur with Chai tea and added elements including cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon”


In collaboration with MPR Communications, 50 influencer gift hampers were sent to influencers in the whisky sector, and the national press.

The hampers included the 500ml bottle of Rampur Asava Indian Old Fashioned, and a card with tasting notes.

To create the experience of a traditional Diwali celebration, which is marked by the lighting of candles, we included candles to burn whilst enjoying the Rampur Asava Indian Old Fashioned.

The products were packaged in the branding from our cocktail delivery brand The Cocktail Society and sustainably delivered via DHL Go Green.

The Cocktail Society and Rampur Distillery Old Fashioned Cocktail Corporate Gift featuring Rampur Asava Whisky

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The feedback from the whisky community was sensational, with multiple influencers sharing the product via their social media profiles.

Social media feedback for The Cocktail Society cocktail influencer gift for Rampur Distillery Social media feedback for The Cocktail Society cocktail corporate gift for Rampur Distillery

The Rampur Whisky x The Cocktail Society Old Fashioned bottled cocktail was featured on Malthound, with an estimated 88.8K monthly visits. They noted the myriad of aromatic spices in the cocktail, as well as the sweet sugar and ginger notes.

“A flavoursome rich, full-bodied cocktail – one of the best I’ve ever tasted!
– Malthound

Whisky and Things Logo

The Whisky and Things Podcast also featured the drink, noting it was “really, really tasty” and good for those who love cocktails but often find it a chore to make them at home.

“What a pleasant surprise – thank you very much Cocktail Society”

“If you were thinking about picking up a bottle of Orange Haig or Jameson’s – don’t! Save your money, and buy one of these.”

 Evening Standard drinks writer Douglas Blyde said “it’s excellent” and Nick Moyle from The Independent said:

“The Spiced Chai Old Fashioned. I’ve been sent quite a few pre-batched cocktails lately and this is one of the best, made by the mixing magicians The Cocktail Society.”

The estimated online reach of the campaign was 205k providing fantastic return on investment for Rampur Distillery.


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