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Stoli Vodka Global Drinks Strategy


Sustainable Cocktail Recipes


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The Brief

Stoli Vodka briefed The Cocktail Service with creating their Global Drinks Strategy.

As part of this drink brand consultancy project, TCS devised sustainability tips for each of their signature serves.

The Extraordinary Experience

Our team of expert mixologists created 10 unique cocktail recipes using the range of Stoli Vodka products.

Each product was paired with ingredients to enhance the flavour profile, providing an unforgettable and delicious serve. We also refined existing serves, offering suggestions to increase efficiency of serve and reduce waste.

Drawing upon over a decade of experience in running bars, our drinks development team devised a list of sustainability tips to encourage green, eco-friendly imbibing.

We incorporated these into a strategy for activations, PR, and communications to highlight Stoli Vodka’s commitment to sustainability to consumers.

Lime Elderflower cocktail devised by The Cocktail Service for the Stoli Vodka Signature Serves drink brand consultancy project
Blueberi Basil cocktail devised by The Cocktail Service for the Stoli Vodka Signature Serves drink brand consultancy project

Four cocktails from the Stoli Vodka Signature Serves campaign as part of The Cocktail Service's global drinks strategy, a drink brand consultancy projectVanilla Pornstar cocktail devised by The Cocktail Service for the Stoli Vodka Signature Serves drink brand consultancy project

Drinks included the Stoli Citrus Martini featuring Stoli Citros Vodka, the Salted Karamel Apple Martini featuring Stoli Salted Karamel, and the Razberi Clover Club featuring Stoli Razberi Vodka.

Once the cocktail recipes were finalised, we organised a photoshoot to deliver 35 hi res images to be used in print and digital advertising. Alongside these were 4 custom animations spotlighting the Stolichnaya Vodka signature serves.

Drink Brand Consultancy

As well as menu development, we offer a 360 consultancy service to drinks brands, with a joined-up approach to drink brand marketing.

Through our strong Instagram presence we’ve developed a network of leading drink photographers throughout the UK and internationally. Our database allows brands a unique opportunity to harness an unparalleled set of options when it comes to photo styles, rates and shoot locations.

Our substantial experience in digital marketing and design, running our own innovative campaigns such as The Drinkstagram Awards gives us the unique perspective to create campaigns which have genuine cut through.

Sustainable Drinking

Since The Cocktail Service was formed in 2009, we’ve looked to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We are signed up with a number of initiatives including Festival Vision 2025. This aims to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2025.

TCS partnered with charity Less Plastic, and in doing so have completely removed single use plastic from our operations.

Each of our cocktail menus are created with a sustainable focus in mind. Techniques such as cold infusing spirits and dehydrating garnish allows for a longer life-span for stock, and reduced waste.

We regularly follow the latest industry trends on sustainability to better inform our practices, and our offer to clients.


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