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Top Tips For Mobile Bar Hire

February 16, 2016 by Tom Bronock

Hiring a mobile bar or mobile cocktail bar hire is something that undoubtedly many have never done but the events industry in the UK is huge, with mobile bar hire companies numbering in the several hundreds across the UK.

So how do you find the right type of bar and the right cocktail hire company to work with? This is really important as you may be hiring a mobile bar for a client, work or the biggest day of your life.

With this in mind we have put together our top tips needed to hire mobile bar companies and not regret it.

#1 Check the companies out

As we mention above, there are several hundred mobile cocktail bar companies in the UK and you need to pick the right company who can deliver to your mobile bar requirements – be they a super premium experience right through to a large scale cocktail event.

We advise fully vetting mobile bar companies on social media, on their websites and via online searches. Ensuring that the bar companies you select for further discussions regularly update their websites and social media, as well as looking professional, is of paramount importance. This will take you some way to ensuring you speak to the top companies in the industry that can delivery seamless, quality events.

#2 Ask lots of questions

Questions are important and make sure you ask lots of them. Delivering high quality events is all about attention to detail and be wary of mobile bar hire companies who don’t get into the detail of your event. As a client you should ask questions about number of cocktail bartenders, bar units, how they will manage bar related refuse and any other bar related questions.

Once again this will help you see the professionalism of the cocktail bar hire company – you will definitely get an intuitive feeling this questioning.

#3 Don’t be afraid to ask for alternative PRICING options

Mobile bar hire offers many different pricing options, from quoted services to pay bars. Clients can request that the mobile bar hire company takes care of everything, or use certain services such as cocktail bartender hire.

Do not be afraid to negotiate or ask for alternative pricing options. Suggest a budget, this makes it easier for mobile cocktail bar hire companies to guide you and offer alternative pricing options. It is fortunately one of those services that is available to all budgets, and it is easier for both clients and the cocktail companies to have open conversations about budget.

#4 Don’t bite off more than you can chew

It may be tempting to hire only certain services and organise things like drinks, ice or glassware yourself but be wary. Not sourcing the right ingredients, ice or glassware can put the brakes on a great event and even ruin it.

Ensure if you do take on elements of the mobile bar planning yourself, these are properly executed. Get advice from your selected company, they should all offer products and ingredient shopping lists and advice of ice quantities. Make sure you follow the advice and don’t cut corners.

#5 Be clear in your vision

The top mobile bar hire companies in the country can deliver tailored solutions to any theme or vision. Themed bars, branded bespoke cocktails, the latest cocktail trends, tailored staff uniforms, model bartenders – the list is endless. Be aware of companies who offer a one-size-fits-all solution – this will usually indicate that the company in question is not a full time, professional events agency.

The UK is a world leader in the events and beverage industry and there are some incredible things happening in the events world right now. If you have a particular vision or are looking for incredible wow factor from your cocktail bar hire then ask for it – the top companies in the UK will be able to deliver beyond your expectations.

#6 Beware caterers who offer mobile bars

We are lucky to have some of the world’s best caterers in the UK and our company works with many of them, helping to deliver incredible events to their clients. However, there are some companies who add bars as a bolt-on; invariably it’s an inexperienced service on top of their primary business of catering.

Be careful of this and ensure any caterer that is supplying your bars has the experience and expertise to do so. This being said there are caterers who deliver mobile cocktail services to an excellent standard, so once again do your research to make sure you get the bar service that meets your expectations.

#7 Know your options

There are many cocktail bar hire services available and pricing options as well. It is important to know, before you make any enquiries, what the options are. All mobile bar providers have different options that they offer so we are going to give you a run down of what mobile bar services you could hire from The Cocktail Service:

Full Bar Service:

The mobile bar company looks after all elements of the bar service including cocktail bartenders, cocktail bars, drinks, ice, equipment…everything you need for a hassle free service.

Select Services:

The mobile bar company offers certain services such as drinks and cocktail bartenders only, and the client would look after bars, glasses and ice. More work for the client and communication is key to ensure both the client and the mobile bar company know their responsibilities.

Dry Hire:

The mobile bar company offers dry hire of bars for an event. Perfect if you are looking to hire bespoke or themed bars and have provision for bartenders and drinks already.

Pay Bar:

The mobile bar company would offer their services but as a pay bar. This would includes all floats and card machines as well as any licenses which might be required. Pay bars are generally subject to a minimum spend to ensure all costs are covered but 99% of the time these are easily covered.

Subsidised Pay Bar:

The mobile bar company would offer a pay bar with either subsidised drinks that are cheaper for guests or with a number of prepaid drinks to get the event off to a start. All bars of this sort require an operational till system to ensure all prepaid drinks are logged.

At The Cocktail Service, we offer all of the above as a standard drink, cocktail only or mixed menu bar service.

So there we have it, our top tips for mobile bar hire. With these tips you will be sure to get the service you expect and within your budget. Remember, if you are looking for a mobile cocktail bar hire then get in touch with The Cocktail Service.

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