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5 Mood-Boosting Isolation Drinks

April 8, 2020 by Jonathan Paxley


We’re writing to you today in these times of isolation and social distancing, and have all been taking the time to reflect and look inwards as our normal working lives have been flipped on their heads.

As COVID-19 reshapes our industry and the very fabric of society beyond that – we’re all about trying to remain upbeat and #wholesome at The Cocktail Service as we stay at home.

Here is our rundown of 5 mood-boosting drinks to perk your day up!

Beyond our love for all things liquid, the whole team have some different ways of maintaining our wellbeing through these difficult times, but one constant is the need to drink well.

Not everything we do is booze-related – believe it or not!

Keep an eye out for drinks on this list without alcohol, and somewhere alcohol is optional – maybe depending on the time of the day…

1. Matcha

If you haven’t heard of matcha, where have you been?

From the same origins as the humble cuppa, matcha tea is most commonly found in powder form and the production process varies from other teas.

Before harvesting matcha tea, producers cover plants from sunlight which produces the recognisable rich green colour, and boosts the amino acid content of the tea leaves. The whole leaves are then ground into a fine, very green, matcha powder.

Matcha has a plethora of health benefits above and beyond other brews.

As a result of the enriching matcha process, this “superfood” is packed full of antioxidants and plant compounds. Increased antioxidants bolster the body’s defence against chronic diseases and some studies have linked matcha to a decreased risk of liver disease and cancers as well as improved heart function.

Green teas are known to be slimming, when combined with exercise, and caffeine and L-theanine combine to elevate mental alertness.

Crucially, matcha is an adaptogen which gives more energy and less of that caffeiney jittery anxiety!

2. REAL Kombucha

If you’re yet to discover the alt-joys of fermentation and the mood-boosting properties of kefirs, kimchis & kombuchas then this is one drink to try you won’t regret.

At The Cocktail Service, we documented the Kombucha craze early – have a read here. Here’s a cocktail incorporating REAL Kombucha from The Cocktail Services. We’d highly recommend experimenting with some kombucha mood-boosting beverages. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel yet?

Royal Kombucha Mule

25ml Vodka
15ml Lime Juice
25ml Pomegranate Juice
Top Real Kombucha Royal Flush (Peach & Rhubarb)

3. Carrot & Ginger

Though these are uncertain times, gathering family is always a heartwarming way to wind down from the day – whether you’re a key worker, an NHS hero or a stay at home legend. Punchbowl drinks are the epitome of communal drinking, and this one combines community with wellbeing.

Beta-Carotene, found readily in carrots, is converted by the body into vitamin A. As well as this our orange friends have a host of other health advantages: lowering cholesterol rates, improving eye health and reducing the risk of cancer.

Ginger root is an affordable, versatile and powerful ingredient. This punch incorporates fresh ginger juice, known for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger can also be a relief from nausea; new research is currently being conducted into its anti-diabetic properties, and its potential to lower blood sugar levels for diabetics – not to be confused with ginger beer which is very sugar-heavy.

That’s enough to give it a try, isn’t it?

24 Carrot Gold Punch

700ml Bottle Gin
700ml Carrot Juice
500ml Pineapple Juice
350ml Fresh Lemon juice
100ml Fresh Ginger Juice
500ml  Ginger Beer (to taste)

Glass: Punch Bowl

Garnish: Pineapple Slices and Edible Flowers (optional)

4. Beetroot Gin Cocktail

Featured on The Cocktail Service Instagram a few days ago was Gin Joints’s Long Distance Winner.

Superbly simple to throw together, this drink combines Mezcal (Tequila’s older cousin that smokes cigars) with beetroot and topped off with sunflower seeds.

The modest beetroot is a palatable yet often overlooked root veg with a splendid colour. What’s more, beetroot contains both betaine (an amino acid), and tyrosine. A daily dose (mezcal optional!) can naturally increase dopamine levels to boost mood. Check it out!

5. Mood-Boosting Green Machine

When we think about wellness, green smoothies usually come to mind. We also tend to imagine that these green machines don’t taste too good.

Lose that thought. Don’t paint every healthy smoothie with the same green brush.

This green smoothie recipe is a killer mood-boosting smoothie, perfect for that much-needed isolation pick me up.

Mood-Boosting Smoothie Recipe

2 Handfuls Baby Leaf Spinach
1 Fresh Banana
200ml Oat Milk
1 Granny Smith Apple
1/4 Avocado

Blend It all up and serve


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