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Smokey Cilantro Paloma

The Cocktail Service got to know @SideshowPete_ tantalising twist on the Paloma








2 oz Mescal
1 oz Grapefruit Juice
1 Bundle Cilantro (1/2 cup packed)
0.75 oz Coco Real (Cream of Coconut)
1.5 oz Soda Water

How to Make a Smokey Cilantro Paloma

In a shaker, add cilantro and mezcal. Muddle briefly then add grapefruit juice, coco real, and ice. Shake and strain over fresh ice with soda as you pour.


Cilantro Garnish

The History of the Smokey Cilantro Paloma

Sideshow Pete told The Cocktail Service how his journey began in the bar industry in 1993.


“Starting as a newbie bartender in a pool hall in Ohio, I was able to fill time and earn extra money. The goal was to provide quality service, bring good energy, and entertain. Through this, I soon began to learn a number of bar tricks. Tricks like how to pour the correct head-on draft beer, how ‘popping’ the bottle avoided spillage and rooster-tails, and how salt can solve the problem of the napkin sticking to the bottom of a glass.


I quickly learned that entertainment improved the customer’s experience, and lead to repeat business and higher tips. That’s where true bar tricks came into play. A couple of tricks turned into compiling a book of 101 bar tricks, gags, bets, challenges, and riddles. 1995 marked the year that 101 Ways to Amuse/Abuse a Bar-Fly gained copyright. As a self-published author, I found myself having a ton of fun touring around the US doing book signings, radio shows, bar conventions, and experiencing life.


Looking back highlights over 27 years in the beverage industry. Experience spans from behind the bar, to the management/ownership, and over 20-year sales career with a couple of powerful beverage brands. I’ve been truly blessed to work in an industry I know and love. The bar business has provided me much. I’m grateful in many ways.


My passion is to keep the party going. Beyond beverage consumption (which I actually do minimally anymore) it’s the social and psychological sides of the bar that gets my intoxication levels up. The real joy is the people. From co-workers to customers, I enjoy the intercourse, the personalities, and the vibe. From the neighbourhood watering hole to bottle service in the nightclub, I’m in!


Today, Sideshow Pete has developed into a brand that lifts up cocktail culture by creating great recipes, interesting content, and awesome products. Through social media and other channels, we are able to engage with a diverse but strong collection of sippers around the world.”


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