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A Day’s Wait

A Day’s Wait is a recipe from The Old Man award-winning team in Hong Kong.
#15 The World’s 50 Best Bars


Hand Blender and Shaken


Nick and Nora




30ml Roasted Marshmallow Gin

15ml Sorrel Citrus

45ml Plum Watermelon Koji (Cold Fermentation

Splash Lemon Juice

1 Drop Egg White

Flavour Profile of A Days Wait

Fermented brinet flavours, refreshing sweet and sour clover club style.


Wood Sorrel – has a tart, lemon like flavour. Grown in the forrest.


Yarrow leaf – is a soft herb, like tarragon. The herb has a strong licorice-like aroma with a sweet flavour and a somewhat bitter and astringent finish


1 Radish leaf & Pine Water

The History of A Days Wait

The Old Man in Hong Kong is an award-winning cocktail bar opened by Agung Prabowo in 2017.


It is a tiny bar in Soho serving some of the most inventive and intriguing cocktails, each of which are named after a Hemingway novel. Opened for fans and drinking connoisseurs alike to gather and sip on inventive libation in memory of the brilliant write and cocktail enthusiast.


It has an award winning bar team including Nikita Matveev, who is in charge of the operations. He is recognized for working with the Shangri-La Hotel Group and Soho House, creating innovative combinations and has won  multiple awards.


This cocktail is inspired by novel, A Day’s Wait, which is a brief story by Ernest Hemingway that conveys the seemingly tragic outcome of miscommunication between a boy and his father. Miscommunication and fatalistic heroism. The themes are explored in a factual, succinct manner in a narrative without too much symbolism.


The Old Man is listed 15th best cocktail bar in the world on The World’s 50 Best Bars 2020 list.


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