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The Calin cocktail is a cocktail recipe with creamy depth from Parisian Instagram bartender Rémi Massai.








30ml Wybovodka Vodka
20ml Capmattei Red Vermouth
20ml Chocolate Liqueur
30ml Biscuit Syrup
2 Bar spoons of Calin Yoghurt
1 Bar Spoon Egg White Powder



How to Make a Calin

Add all ingredients to shaker and dry shake (no ice) your cocktail for 15 seconds. Add some ice and shake for 6-8 seconds.
Double strain your cocktail into a glass



Biscuit & Tonka Powder

The History of the Calin

This cocktail was created by Instagram bartender Rémi Massai from Paris. he creates incredible cocktail recipes and much of his work is showcased on his Instagram feed French & Stormy


We spoke to him about the inspiration behind the Calin:


“This cocktail was created for the venue where I worked before the quarantine…the idea of the cocktail was to find a unique way to use a Corsican vermouth which is normally used in summer cocktails.


So I decided to create a tasty and creamy recipe that gives you that fix when you need something sweet in the winter.
The biscuit syrup was essential to me as it reminded me of my childhood….I’m really proud of this recipe…Hope you enjoy it”


We certain did Rémi – thank you.


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