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8 Reasons to Give Bottled Cocktails a Chance

October 29, 2020 by Tom Bronock

Bottled Cocktails are on Their Way Up

Bottled and canned cocktails have been slowly sneaking their way into the drinks market for a few years now. But recently their popularity has exploded. They are so popular, even we have created a range at The Cocktail Society as well as our guide to bottled cocktails. There are two main reasons for this:

Increased Expert Involvement
If we’re honest with ourselves, the RTD options used to be a bit rubbish. There were limited options and they all tasted remarkably similar.

That’s not the case anymore.

Drinks experts are getting involved. Using quality ingredients, diversifying the range of cocktails available and making them to the quality you could expect in your favourite bar.

All these factors mean that the quality of ready to drink cocktails has improved tenfold. This is now a category that deserves your attention.

We’ve put together a guide of the best bottled and canned cocktails currently on the market. If you’re not a drinker, there are some great non-alcoholic versions too. Check them out in our No and Low alcoholic drinks guide.

A Response to Unusual Circumstances
The ready to drink cocktail category probably would have become popular in time but there’s no doubt that Coronavirus has sped up this process.

Drinkers have looked for alternatives to going out and bars for alternative ways to bring in revenue.

Ready-made cocktails are a solution for both of these groups.

Bars can still sell their signature drinks and make money and those who can’t go out can still enjoy them.

This is just one of the way bars have had to adapt to the new normal. We spoke to the Inception Group about how they’ve used this time as an opportunity to innovate.

Why should you try Ready to Drink Cocktails?

At the Cocktail Service, we’re pleased as punch to see pre-made cocktails finally getting the attention and craftsmanship they deserve. We’re determined to convince you they’re worth a try.

Here are 8 reasons you should give ready to drink cocktails a chance.


1. They’ll Save You Time

Making your own cocktails is fun but it can also be time-consuming, especially if you want something a bit more complicated or unusual.

Time spent planning, shopping, and making all adds up and sometimes home-made won’t fit into your busy schedule. Buying pre-batched cocktails is undoubtedly quicker, especially as some companies will deliver them right to your door.

2. The Hard Part is Done for You

Cocktail making is art crossed with science. To do it at a high level requires imagination, precision, and practice.

There are lots of different skills to master including shaking, building, and layering your drinks. Check out our bar knowledge collection to learn a few.

If you don’t have the spare 10,000 hours that it supposedly takes to become an expert at something, but you still fancy some high-quality cocktails, ready to drink cocktails are the perfect solution.

3. There’s No Need to Buy Expensive Ingredients

There’s no getting around it, some cocktail ingredients are expensive, and they can be difficult to find.

Plus, better ingredients make better cocktails which won’t make your bill any smaller.

There’s really no limit on how much you can pay for spirits. A bottle of 52-year-old Macallan Whisky could set you back just shy of £80,000.00.

A bottled cocktail will not cost £80,000.00. Enough said.

4. There’s Nothing Left Over

You don’t want to be stuck with a massive bottle of something if it turns out you don’t actually like the taste very much.

Similarly, it doesn’t make sense to buy a whole bottle of an obscure ingredient for one specific recipe, because how often are you going to use Pamplemousse Rosé Liqueur?

With pre-batched cocktails, there’s no waste and no leftover ingredients to sit in a cupboard for a few years until you finally get round to having that big clear out that’s always on your to-do list.

They come perfectly portioned, so you won’t be left with any unwanted extras and you can even recycle the bottle.

5. You Don’t Need to Invest in Cocktail Making Tools

To properly make your own cocktails you’ll need your own kit; shakers, spoons, glasses etc… This can be expensive and might not be worth it if they won’t be used regularly.

With bottled cocktails, no tools are required as they come ready to drink.

6. You Can Easily Find Your Favourites

The range of ready to drink cocktails has increased exponentially in the last year. It’s no longer confined to Woo Woos and G&Ts. You can get all your favourites from Palomas to Old Fashioneds

You could try a new variation of something you already love or chance something you’ve never had before. You might find your new perfect cocktail.

7. They’re Convenient

They’re easily portable. You can take them with you to social occasions, drinks at a friend’s (Covid-19 restrictions permitting) or for a picnic in the park (it looks like we’ll be doing a lot more of these than usual this winter).

As we saw with the rise of hard seltzers this summer, convenience can be a great selling point for a drink – especially if it has taste and quality to back it up.

With their artistic packaging, bottled cocktails are sure to turn heads at wherever you take them.

8. They’re Made by Professionals

Now is the perfect time to try a pre-made cocktail because cocktail experts are getting involved.

The teams behind some of your favourite bars are making cocktails you can drink at home. The Cocktail Trading Co, Mac and Wild, and Mr Lyan are just a few of the industry names that have got involved.

Which is a longwinded way of saying they’re really good. Try some for yourself, you’ll see what we mean.

Bonus Reason No.9

We hesitate to mention this so early in the year but… they’d also make great Christmas gifts for your cocktail loving friends and family (and, if you’re going to give them as gifts, you should probably try them first!).

Have We Convinced You?

We’d never discourage anyone from making their own cocktails but ready to drink versions are great alternatives if you’re short of time, don’t want to invest in a large liquor range or are interested in trying some new flavour combinations.

For anyone who wants to try their hand at making their own cocktails check out our recipe selection for a great range of recipes suitable for complete beginners to those who fancy a bit of a challenge.


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