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Tom Collins

Drinkstagrammer and Gin Ambassador Ryan Adir lends us his recipe for a classic Tom Collins Cocktail.




High Ball




50 ml Gin
15 ml Simple Syrup
20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
100ml Soda Water

How to Make a Tom Collins

Build all the ingredients in a highball glass with cubed ice.



Lemon Slice

The History of the Tom Collins

There are two competing histories concerning the origins of a Tom Collins cocktail.


The first states that the drink evolved from a Jim Collins cocktail when bartenders began making it with Old Tom Gin instead of Jenever.


The second history suggests that the drink came about during ‘The Great Tom Collins Hoax of 1874’.


The joke went as follows. A man would be told that someone named Tom Collins was slighting their reputation. The enraged man would then look for the imaginary Tom Collins all over the city until they asked for him in a bar where they were handed a Tom Collins cocktail.


Who’s to say which version is true.


This version of the Tom Collins was created by Ryan Adair. Ryan was a cocktail bartender for many years, working in some of London’s best bars including the late and great Milk & Honey in Soho.


He now works as a brand ambassador for Beefeater Gin at their distillery in Central London. His role is to educate bartenders on all things gin, as well as showcasing modern drinks trends.


He regularly posts innovative gin-based recipes on his Instagram account. You can check them out here.



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