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Girl With A Balloon

A house creation by The Cocktail Service consultancy team with inspiration from artist Banksy.








50ml Green Apple Vodka
25ml Fresh Lemon Juice
15ml Honey & Ginger Syrup
Top Soda


How to Make a Girl With a Balloon

Fill a collins glass with cubed ice. Add all ingredients (except the soda) and stir to combine all the ingredients. Top up with soda. Garnish with a red grape.


1 Grape

The History of the Girl with a Balloon

Girl With A Balloon is one of artist, Banksy’s, most famous artworks. We wanted to pay homage to this and get creative with the glassware and garnish. We sought to create our own artwork through this cocktail.

Our teams creativity really comes to the fore on this cocktail. Using the original image, we applied a vinyl to the collins glass before using a simple red grape to mimic the balloon in the original.

As well as a great looking aesthtic, the liquid is very tasty too. We used Naked Apple Vodka from the Chase Distillery, a home batch honey and ginger syrup, balanced it with lemon juice and lengthened by soda.


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