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Stoli Vodka Drinks Brand Sustainability On-trade Strategy


Sustainability Pillars:
Where, How & Waste


Launch Party

Across UK & European On-trade

The Brief

After creating the Global Drinks Strategy for Stoli Group with a focus on sustainability, Stoli’s global brand team tasked us with developing a sustainability strategy focused on the UK on-trade.

The aim was to assist Stoli in their goal to become the most sustainable vodka in the world.

Earlier in 2021, Stoli Group appointed Elisa Whitehouse as Global Sustainability Leader to assist with the brands move towards full sustainability by 2025.

The brand plans to move to an all-electric vehicle fleet, creating renewable packaging options, and promoting sustainable agriculture from grain to bottle.

Our task was to create a strategy able to be scalable across the UK and European on-trade, and to achieve buy-in from that on-trade and a host of PR hooks.

The Extraordinary Experience

Our team created a sustainability strategy built around a simple framework of three sustainability pillars: Where, How & Waste.

This strategy was translated into an accessible playbook for the on-trade.

Partnering with Stoli’s UK distributor Amber Beverage UK, we identified Soho neighbourhood bar Murder Inc. as the high-profile central London on-trade account to launch the campaign with.

Murder Inc. was selected in part for their own sustainable credentials, but also for their no-nonsense, easy going brand style which would be leveraged to give the campaign a unique atmosphere and feel.

Collaborating with drinks expert Jonny Shields, our drinks consultancy team worked alongside this account, leading them on a journey to identify their take on the three pillars of ‘Sustainability with Stoli’ and create three signature cocktails.

We created multiple assets and elements of content from photography & video to cocktail menus made from recycled bar mats.

The campaign was launched with an industry party at the venue, attended by press & media, with a month-long menu showcasing the sustainable cocktails.


Sustainability With Stoli Video Series

Pillar 1: WhereSustainability With Stoli 1 - Part of the Stoli Vodka Drinks Brand Sustainability On-trade Strategy

The Murder Inc. team explore how Peruvian Mint is grown in London at Harvest London a “vertical farm”.

At this hydroponic farm, products are grown using only 5% of the water which is used with traditional agricultural techniques. There are also no pesticides used, and the process is powered renewable energy.

Farming in this method also reduces the risk of the great British weather putting a dampener on product yield. A local provider means transport is reduced, meaning less emissions and no loss of freshness.

Andy from Murder Inc. then presents his take on “Where” with a bespoke cocktail.


Pillar 2: HowSustainability With Stoli 2 - Part of the Stoli Vodka Drinks Brand Sustainability On-trade Strategy

Rory from Murder Inc. creates a unique cocktail based on the concept of “How”, thinking about how to make the most out of the ingredients you’re using.

We go behind the scenes to see how a homemade Stoli tonic by reusing ingredients which would usually go to waste.


Pillar 3: WasteSustainability With Stoli 3 - Part of the Stoli Vodka Drinks Brand Sustainability On-trade Strategy

Holly from Murder Inc. explores the concept of waste.

Waste is a key issue when it comes to sustainability in the on trade. The team explore how to reuse bottles and stock to create something truly special.

Teaming up with Stoli, the Murder Inc. team started making small changes which combined make a big impact.

Collaborating with a local up cycler Wax/Wine, who create high quality, sustainable and beautiful products out of excess materials, the team repurposed old Stoli bottles into glassware for the bar.


The collaboration was covered in drink industry press including The Drinks Business as well as being shared on social media by influential figures in the drinks sector.

The Drinks Business covers the Sustainability With Stoli, which The Cocktail Service created the digital marketing campaign for

Above: The Drinks Business coverage of the Sustainability With Stoli Campaign © 2021 Union Press Ltd

Of the strategy and campaign, Stoli Group’s Europe Head of Marketing Stephanie Chassing-Chandok said:

“Excellent execution of the strategy on all the key on trade elements including the 3 signature sustainable cocktails, to great video content, to press & influencer packs, to the sustainable menu, to our repurposed glass from our bottle.”

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