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Ancho Highball

Award-winning bar COA, in Hong Kong share with us the recipe for one of their signature cocktails.
#8 The World’s 50 Best Bars








15ml Salted Plum Infused Ocho Blanco Tequila

15ml Ancho Reyes Verde Chile Liqueur

1tsp Citric Acid Solution

100ml Clarified Guava Soda


Lemon twist discard. Micro nasturtium leaf.


Medium / Refreshing / Salty / Signature

How to Make a Ancho Highball

Salted Plum Infused Tequila 

Sous vide 100g salted plum + 750ml tequila for 13 minutes at 62 degrees.

Citric Acid Solution 

25g citric acid and 100g water

Clarified Guava Soda

2L fresh guava juice, add 0.4% pectinex and centrifuge at 4200rpm for 12 minutes.


The History of the Ancho Highball

The Ancho Highball is a signature serve by Jay Khan from COA in Hong Kong, which was voted 8th in The Worlds 50 Best Bars and the Highest Climber 2020.


COA (co-ah) was opened by Jay in 2017 as part of his mission to bring agave spirits to the forefront of Asia’s cocktail scene.


Named after the machete-like tool for harvesting agave, COA  is inspired by the drinking dens Jay frequented on his trips to Mexico!


This cocktail is inspired by the concept of “antojitos” which means ‘little cravings’ in Mexico. Essentially they are street snacks prepared by vendors, including freshly cut fruits sprinkled with salt and chilli. Here they have used guava soda but also play around with other seasonal ingredients to make their house soda.


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