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Coconut Milk Punch

Award-winning bar COA, in Hong Kong share with us the recipe for one of their signature cocktails.
#7 The World’s 50 Best Bars 2021




Wine Goblet




2400ml Matusalem 15 years old Rum

200ml Plantation OFTD Rum

1000ml Lemon Juice

1200ml Fresh Pineapple Juice

600ml Tio Pepe Fino Sherry

800ml Giffard Batida de Coco

600g Coconut Cream

100g Aunt Patty’s Tamarind Paste

540ml Simple Syrup

160g Arabica Coffee

200g Whole Cardamom (blend into powder)

40g Earl Grey Tea (infuse 20 mins)


Grapefruit Twist.


Medium / Spiced / Sour / Sweet / Signature

How to Make a Coconut Milk Punch

Add cardamom into a blender. Blend until the cardamom are crushed into almost powder.


Grind coffee (medium fine to fine).


Mix the coffee and cardamom with rum in a container. Infuse 1 hour. Stir every 10 mins.


Add the Earl Grey tea to the infusion and infuse  another 20 mins.


After infusion is completed, strain the coffee , cardamom and tea infusion through a fine mesh. You will have approximately 1900ml. Yield.


Add rest of the ingredients (except coconut cream and batida de coco) into the coffee and cardamom infusion.


Bring coconut cream to almost boiling point. Add slowly to the mix. Use a bar spoon and stir briefly.


Pour the mixed ingredients into batida de coco slowly. Let sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour and strain multiple times in a cheese cloth.

The History of the Coconut Milk Punch

Another signature serve by Jay Khan from COA in Hong Kong, which was voted #8 in The Worlds 50 Best Bars and #3 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2020!


Jay is a passionate bar owner and bartender who travels the world for his inspirations to keep at the top of the game! He is widely known as an agave spirit enthusiast.


The Coconut Milk Punch evolved from a long drink they used to make at the bar that contained fino sherry and coconut cream. One night they premixed the coconut cream with the fino sherry, the coconut cream curdled instantly. After straining it, the sherry had a beautiful coconut finish. They took this idea and instead clarified the entire batch of cocktail.


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