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A Garibaldi Cocktail with a twist made at award-winning bar Drink Kong in Rome.








Redistilled Campari Solution – 60ml

Orange Cordial – 60ml

Bitter left over – 1 spoon


How to Make Redistilled Campari Solution

White Campari – 500ml

Grapefruit bitters – 25ml

How to Make Orange Cordial

Orange Cordial (1kg Orange Peel + 1LT H20 + 40 Citric + 20 Malic) – 200ml

Orange Curacao – 100m

H20 – 100ml

Cook all ingredients sous vide at 5 degrees for 3 hours and then filter.

The History of Drink Kong

Drink Kong is an award-winning bar found in the city centre of Rome hosting a unique cocktail experience. The cocktail bar opened in 2018 by one of Rome’s best bartenders, Patrick Pistolesi, who has an ambition to make a name for itself in Italy and beyond; through their New York 1980’s vibe and unique, Japanese inspired, mixology menu.


The complex yet elegant cocktail menu accommodates contemporary drinks made in a lab of drinks-making equipment; merging science and tradition. It is a self-professed ‘instinct bar’ whereby you pick a cue (e.g. flavour) and your barman will do the rest. Coming up with minimalistic drinks with zero decoration and no straws avoiding the impact on the environment, focusing solely on flavour.


The ‘Gar-ib-awl-dee’ is twisted in a Kong way, with an international and modern edge of the classic Italian Garibaldi cocktail. It was created to celebrate Campari, who brought Drink Kong luck in their climb to the World 50 Best Bars! That’s right, Drink Kong are a new entry landing 45th on the list.


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