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Raspberry Up

The Raspberry Up from the new unique and inspiring New Humans cocktail menu at Drink Kong, voted 45th Worlds Best Bar.








Belvedere Smogory Forest Vodka – 30ml

Raspberry Cordial – 60ml

Mancino Vermouth Bianco – 20ml

Citric Solution – 10ml

Ginger Ale

How To Make Raspberry Up

Shake top four ingredients in cocktail shaker. Strain into a tall glass over ice cube and top with Ginger Ale.

How to Make Raspberry Cordial

Raspberries – 500 grams

Water – 1lt

Caster Sugar – 250 grams

Malic Acid – 10grams

Cook all ingredients sous vide at 50 degrees for 3 hours and then filter.


The History of the Raspberry Up

Drink Kong is an award-winning bar found in the city centre of Rome hosting a unique cocktail experience. The cocktail bar opened in 2018 by one of Rome’s best bartenders, Patrick Pistolesi, who has an ambition to make a name for itself in Italy and beyond; through their New York 1980s vibe and unique, Japanese inspired, mixology menu.


The elegant cocktail menu accommodates contemporary drinks made in a lab of drinks-making equipment; merging science and tradition. It is a self-professed ‘instinct bar’ whereby you pick a cue (e.g. flavour) and your barman will do the rest. Coming up with minimalistic drinks with zero decoration and no straws avoiding the impact on the environment, focusing solely on flavour.


Raspberry Up can be found on the ‘New Humans’ cocktail menu. It is a menu which celebrates new languages, and is a representation of an evocative journey made of shapes and colours. Drink Kong explain there ae five archetypes that symbolize the central flavours in the menu advocating five frontiers of taste to satisfy the palate of the new humans. Raspberry Up can be found in the Kudamono section of the menu, which in Japanese means “everything related to fruit”, it is a concentration of freshness and flavour. It is a deep and elegant fresh drink, with a cheeky spiciness.


Learn more on their Instagram and Website now! Their innovative menu isn’t something you want to miss out on.


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