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Naubi Samar introduced The Cocktail Service to his world of cocktail creation, @naubisamar.








60ml – Gin
60ml – Turmeric-ginger herbal tea*
1/4 teaspoon – Simply Organic turmeric powder
30ml – Homemade lemongrass-ginger syrup (1:1 sugar-water ratio)
30ml – Dry vermouth (infused with thyme, lemon peel, and orange rind)
30ml – Fresh lemon juice
15ml – Pickled beet brine and
12 drops – Cassia bark bitters

How to Make a Haldi-Gram

* For the tea – use 1 tea bag in half a cup of warm water and let it chill in the refrigerator.

Add all ingredients in a mixing jar with ice and stir it. Fine strain the tiny granules from turmeric powder using a coffee filter and pour it either in a fine china cup or in my case French champagne glass.


Any small flowers preferably white in colour to complement the beautiful red colour of the drink. I used a white baby’s breath flower.

The History of the Haldi-Gram

Naubi Samar introduced The Cocktail Service to his world of cocktail creation, @naubisamar.


“My inspiration for the name of this cocktail comes from the Hindi language. Turmeric in Hindi is called Haldi (Hull-dee) and I’m trying to showcase my cocktail to my Drinkstagram friends. That’s why I’ve named it Haldi-gram.


I’ve always loved the idea of incorporating cooking ingredients in cocktails – be it vegetables or spices. Knowing that Turmeric has so many medicinal properties, I wanted to create a recipe that would elevate the flavor profile of the spice without overpowering the other ingredients in the drink. This is a lovely cocktail with antioxidant properties in it.


My job as an Account Manager brought me to the New York area and I quickly got introduced to the glitz and busy nightlife of the city. After my wife had our son, we had to bury that lifestyle and embrace a new one.


All the amazing drinks and fun we had during that time inspired me to explore the world of mixology and experiment with mixing spirits and liqueurs and bitters at home. My wife, as much as she enjoys a nice cocktail, she’s my biggest critic as well. She pushes me to elevate my game each time.


Having visual design experience in the past and a newfound passion for making cocktails, I started creating my own recipes, taking pictures and posting on my Instagram account @naubisamar. Almost 90% of my posts are based on original recipes and the remainder are riffs of a few classic cocktails.”


Check out @naubisamar for more delicious and inspirational cocktail recipes.


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