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Sophia Jane’s Postpartum Vaccine

Drinkstagrammer, Jeffrey Dadivas @howcomexology, shares one of his fantastic original recipes with us




Wine Glass




45ml Black Label Jane Walker edition
15ml Homemade Ginger syrup
15ml Calamansi Juice (Filipino Lime)
15ml Muddled Clementine Orange Juice
3 Drops Sesame Oil
3 Orange Blossom Water

How to Make Sophia Jane’s Postpartum Vaccine

Add all ingredients in a shaker, double strain in to a chilled glass with ice. Top with Soda Water and 3 drops of Orange Blossom water.



How to stick it method: Make a 3:1 simple syrup, use a small spatula and gently make a straight line on the glass and put it in a chiller before dipping it to the Tajin

The History of Sophia Jane’s Postpartum Vaccine

Jeffrey Dadivas from Manila, Philippines, told us how his new cocktail, Sophia Jane’s Postpartum Vaccine, is a dedication cocktail to women and especially his wife, who gave birth to their new born son last February.


Jeffrey started off working in five star hotels in the USA and in the Philippines and decided to use that experience in an entrepreneurial way to start a premium bar catering business, Manilacraft, est. 2019, @manilacraft. His love for science and people is inevitably still channelled and used behind the bar where he creates bespoke recipes which you can find at @howcomexology.


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