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Officers Quarters

A stunning riff on the classic Hanky Panky, the Officers Quarters is a signature cocktail from Vlad Novikov, Director of Cocktails and Culture at the Z Bar Chicago.








50ml Ford’s Officer’s Reserve Gin
7.5ml Lustau Amontillado Sherry
20ml Tempus Fugit Alessio Blanc Vermouth
Dash Fernet Branca


How to Make an Officers Quarters

Add all ingredients to mixing glass and stir over ice. Serve straight up.



Lemon twist expressed and discarded & 1g caviar on a mermaid spoon.

The History of the Officers Quarters

A beautiful recipe from the Z Bar at The Peninsula Hotel, Chicago. It was created by their Director of  Cocktails and Culture, Vlad Novikov.


This cocktail in a nautical play on the ‘Hanky Panky’ cocktail, but uses an amontillado sherry cask aged navy strength gin, blanc vermouth, and briney and buttery sturgeon caviar.


The garnish brings the theme of the cocktail together, as the playful mermaid perches atop the rim of the glass, evoking the sultry nature of her visit to the Officer’s Quarters.


Extremely innovative and a feast for the senses, the Officers Quarters cocktail is another example of how cocktail culture continues to raise the bar. If you find yourself in Chicago then this venue is a must-visit.


Check out the Z Bar here.


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