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Sailors Negroni

A smoky, coffee infused take on the classic Negroni, the Sailor’s Negroni is the perfect conversation starter for your next event.








1 oz Campari
1 oz Vermouth
0.5 oz Coffee Liqueur
0.5 oz Mezcal

How to Make a Sailors Negroni

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with fresh ice to chill.


Strain over fresh ice, then garnish and serve.


Garnish with lemon slice

The History of the Sailor's Negroni

It’s not known who invented the Sailor’s Negroni recipe though many sources attribute it to bartender extraordinaire Flavio Angiolillo.


The classic Negroni recipe includes a trio of equally measured ingredients: gin, vermouth, and Campari.


This twist, photographed by Instagram sensation @SideshowPete_ switches the gin out for an equal mix of Mezcal, an agave-based spirit similar to tequila and coffee liqueur.


It has a smoky, rich flavour, with sweetness added to the vermouth.


The @SideshowPete_ turned to digital solutions company Hook & Pixel when looking to create sales of their cocktail products.

This wonderful cocktail image is part of their marketing collaboration.


“Having previous experience in the nightlife and bar industry, Pete thought my company would be an excellent fit for his brand. After a year of working together and officially becoming partners, I would say so,” says Hook and Pixel founder Kyle Peltier.


“We created the website, marketing, ppc, and content plan. The content, however, has been the most fun.


“Creating unique and interesting cocktails to share every day is fun and challenging,” says Peltier”


“Taking building blocks of flavor and building towers of taste is both difficult and rewarding. But if our recipes can get even one person excited to try something new and find a bit of relaxation, we’re doing it right.”

Should I Serve The Sailor's Negroni At My Event?

The Negroni is one of the most popular recipes in the world, and features on most good cocktail bar recipes.


It’s a great cocktail for the early evening. Use it as a pre-dinner drink, especially if you’re planning to serve antipasti or seafood.


However, the niche nature of Mezcal and the rich coffee notes in the Sailor’s Negroni means this isn’t a drink you’d likely serve all throughout the night.


The smoky coffee flavours mean this cocktail works well as an after dinner treat.


Or you could serve it as a conversation starter at a small drinks reception.


The inclusion of small measures of mezcal and coffee liqueur make this a more complicated drink than the original, so if you’re thinking of serving at a large scale event it would be a good idea to utilise the services of a professional cocktail bar company.


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