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Ube Martini

@SideshowPete_ shared an unusual uberlicious cocktail recipe with The Cocktail Service




Martini / Coupe




2 oz Vodka

2 oz Ube Pudding

0.5 oz Simple Syrup


How to Make an Ube Martini

Add ube pudding, vodka, simple syrup and shake with ice. If you are using fresh ube yams, then you will need to make ube pudding for the mix, from scratch.

Don’t worry the recipe is easy to find online!


Garnish with small toasted marshmallows

The History of the Ube Martini

Key ingredient, Ube pudding is made from purple yams which generally originate from the Asian tropics but have made their popular way through the North Atlantic in many different recipe forms, including ice cream, milk, cakes and jam.


The flavour profile can be thought of as vanilla meets pistachio. Plus the pudding used for the recipe has dairy for a creamy flavour.


Mix one up and treat a friend, with thanks to Sideshow Pete!


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