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Shibuya Gin Fizz

Top instagrammer Alex Miller has shared one of his cocktail recipes the Shibuya Gin Fizz. Aesthetics and taste 10/10.








60ml Botanist Gin
15ml Simple Syrup
15ml Yuzu Juice

How to Make a Shibuya Gin Fizz

Add ingredients in glass over ice, add soda water, quick stir to combine.


Skeleton Leaf + Dehydrated Lemon Slice

The History of the Shibuya Gin Fizz

Alex Miller, the top New York instagrammer @designingdrunk told us a bit about the inspiration behind his drink “This recipe was inspired by a little book store / cafe in Shibuya we stopped at, they made one for us and I tried to recreate it from memory and added a little extra garnish to it. I still wish I could find the bookstore but it’s seemingly not listed”


Alex describes himself as “a full time graphic designer with a part time obsession with cocktails and photography. I got my introduction to cocktail culture after moving to NYC and then took it home where I’ve been experimenting with different cocktail recipes and techniques for a few years now”


His cocktail the Shibuya Gin Fizz is a beautiful balanced cocktail with a skeleton leaf garnish.


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