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Buy handcrafted and meticulously developed cocktail products including bottled cocktails and premium cocktail kits, developed by award-winning mixologists. Cocktail delivery direct to your door.

Who Are The Cocktail Club?


Who Are We?

The Cocktail Club are a team of cocktail obsessives who want to elevate drinking culture in the UK and beyond. We create handcrafted, small-batch bottled cocktails and DIY cocktail kits. Beautiful cocktail delivery direct to your door.

The team behind the magic are renowned drinks agency, The Cocktail Service, who deliver marketing and events for the drinks industry across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

What Do We Do?

Our team have developed our bottled cocktails and cocktail kits meticulously, working closely with top spirits and drinks producers to create extraordinary drinking experiences. If you want cocktail delivery then The Cocktail Club offers a number of exceptional cocktail products and gifts for cocktail lovers.


Bottled Cocktails

Our bottled cocktails are a labour of love. We have created every bottle so it’s a ready to drink cocktail. This means we batch every bottled cocktail to an exact recipe before sending out your cocktail delivery direct to your door.

Our bottled cocktails have no nasties in them to preserve the liquid and as such we recommend our bottled cocktails should be consumed within 6 months.

Premium Cocktail Kits

A dreamy gift for cocktail lovers, our cocktail kits contain only premium ingredients, a piece of cocktail-making equipment to help you to mix the drinks, a recipe card and a delicious treat to nibble on while drinking your creations. Our cocktail kits are packaged in swish gift boxes making this a fantastic cocktail gift idea. 

Cocktail Delivery Online





Why Buy Cocktails Online?

Fortunately, buying bottled cocktails online is not the experience it used to be. Not so long ago, if you wanted to buy a bottled cocktail or cocktail kit online, you would have very little choice and it was generally of a poor quality.
Things have changed (hurrah!) and now getting bar quality bottled cocktails at home is super simple. 

Why We Are Different?

We like to think we are a little different – of course we do. We create super delicious bottled cocktails and cocktail kits that are made with premium ingredients and packaged beautifully. These are then sent out on a special cocktail delivery direct to your door. Our ethos around creating cocktails that are great to drink and great to look at means these are pretty awesome gifts for any cocktail lovers out there. Finally, we care about the environment. We always have and this is reflected in the fact we use no plastic, at all, in our packaging.

Cocktail Delivery Experts
We are experts at cocktail delivery and getting bar quality bottled cocktails and DIY cocktails kits to your doorstep. We offer next day delivery as standard, offer gift messaging and all products come in swish packaging. As well as all this, our cocktail delivery service sends the best-bottled cocktails we can possibly make direct to your door in a flash.

Cocktail Gifts For Everyone
Our cocktail gifts really are for everyone – from beautifully crafted bottled cocktails for cocktail lovers to meticulously developed cocktail kits giving a cocktail gift is unique and always well recieved. We have spent time building the best cocktail gift products we possibly could and we hope you love them as much as we do.


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